GMAT Preparation Programs

Complete Courses

Yes. Manhattan Prep's Complete Courses are designed to cover all content areas tested on the GMAT. Our courses focus on real quantitative and verbal content, rather than test-taking tips and tricks. By learning how to apply this material to real GMAT questions drawn from past exams, students emerge with skills, strategies, and a confident approach to every problem type.

The biggest difference between Manhattan Prep and our competitors is our commitment to hiring only the most qualified instructors. We pay our instructors $100 per hour, up to four times the industry standard. This allows us to hire and retain the most qualified instructors.

All of our instructors have scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT - currently a 760 or above. In addition, candidates are required to have extensive teaching experience in order to qualify for an interview. We narrow down the pool of eligible candidates through multiple rounds of online interviews, passing only the strongest applicants through to the final round. These finalists are flown to New York to audition in front of members of our Executive and Instructor Development teams. When we hire an instructor (historically only 1 of every 7 invited to New York), he or she undergoes 100+ hours of training and a final assessment before teaching our students. Click here to read more about our individual instructors.

In addition to instructor caliber, our approach to course content and our focus also differentiate us form other test prep companies. Our curriculum is based on the academics of the test, not tricks or quick fixes to get around the material. Our books delve deep into the mathematical and verbal concepts that underlie each question on the GMAT and our course aims to make sure that you are fully versed in all of these concepts before applying them to real GMAT questions.

We offer two easy ways for you to register for our courses: online or over the phone. If you would like to register online, simply select your location. A schedule of courses open for registration will appear. Once you have determined which course you would like to sign up for, simply click through to the course registration page and select "Sign Me Up!" You will be asked to login with an existing username and password or create a new profile. Once you have completed your order and submitted your payment information, you will receive a confirmation email verifying your order. If you prefer to register over the phone, contact Student Services at 800-576-GMAT(4628) and we will be happy to get you signed up.

When you enroll in a Manhattan GMAT course you receive a complete set of prep materials, including the 10 Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides, Foundations of Verbal Strategy Supplement and Foundations of Math Strategy Supplement & Workshops, designed to cover core skills. The resources for homework include the 3 Official Guides (OGs) for GMAT Review, which contain real questions that have appeared on past Official GMAT exams. You will also receive a Test Simulation Booklet and marker, which allow you to practice with the same kind of laminated scrap paper provided at official testing centers. Additionally, you will receive access to all of Manhattan GMAT's online resources, including our Computer Adaptive Practice Exams, Question Banks, eBook access, Interact Lessons, and Challenge Problem Archives. Course enrollment also provides you with a 30-minute Post-Course Assessment at the end of the program as well as a Post-Exam Assessment after you have taken the official GMAT exam. Complete Course students also have the option to purchase Office Hour sessions, allowing you to discuss homework or other questions you may have one-on-one with an instructor in an online classroom.

When placing your order, you will have the option to select Ground, 2-Day, or Next Day delivery service. Orders placed before 1:00 PM EST Monday-Friday will be processed and shipped the same day. Orders placed after 1:00 PM EST or on holidays and weekends will be processed on the following business day. Tracking information will be automatically emailed to you. If you are enrolling in a class at one of the following locations, you will also have the option to pick up your books at one of our centers: Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C. We recommend having the books shipped, as the complete set weighs close to 25 pounds and may be difficult to carry home. Access to all online resources, including electronic versions of our books, will be available in your Student Center immediately upon completion of your registration.

You should plan on having 10-15 hours of homework each week. We recommend studying for a few hours every day, rather than cramming all of your assignments into a day or two, which makes retaining the course material more difficult.

We ask that all students complete a full length practice exam before the first class session, in order to receive a baseline score that can used to gauge your progress during the course. You can take this practice exam by logging into the Student Center. We also suggest taking our brief Math Diagnostic Test and, if necessary, reviewing our Foundations of Math supplement or attending a Foundations workshop, which are free for complete course students (workshop recordings are also available to course students in the Student Center). If you are concerned about the Verbal section of the exam, we recommend reviewing our Foundations of Verbal materials before or early on in your program. The FoV Strategy Supplement provides a user-friendly review for those who want to cement their understanding of the basic principles of grammar, logic, and reading. Finally, we recommend reviewing the first three chapters of GMAT Roadmap to find out how best to organize your studies and how to mater content efficiently.

The only things you need to bring with you to your first class session are a notebook and a pen or pencil to take notes, and your copy of GMAC's Official Guide. The rest of the materials will be used exclusively for homework and self-study.

Yes, there are a variety of ways to get the help you need. All students are welcome to post questions to the Manhattan GMAT Forums, which are monitored by our staff and expert instructors. If you post a question here, you can expect to hear back within a week (often sooner).

Additionally, at the end of the Complete Course each course student is also offered a Post-Course Assessment, which is an opportunity to speak with an instructor about your progress throughout the course and the best ways to continue/complete your exam preparation.

As a course student you are also able to purchase Office Hours sessions at a rate of $45 per 30-minute session. These sessions, discounted drastically from our regular private tutoring rates, allow you to work one-on-one with an instructor to review homework problems, discuss any difficulties you’re facing in your studies, or review practice exams – how you use the time is completely up to you! You may purchase up to eight Office Hour sessions, which must be used during the nine weeks of your course.

If after exhausting these resources you find you still need more help, you might want to consider Private Tutoring. Former course students often find it beneficial to work with a tutor to address problem areas they identified during the course.

Finally, you are welcome to call or email if you have any logistical questions about the GMAT and GMAT preparation. Our phone number is 1-800-576-GMAT (4628).

Each student comes into the program at a different level, making improvement "averages" ineffectual and misleading. For example, someone might come into the course having done no preparation whatsoever, and improve his or her score by a large margin. Another student might start off already scoring in the upper 600s, and just break into the 700s after finishing our course. Both students see extremely positive results, having achieved their desired score improvements.

Clearly, score improvement averages don't tell the whole story. They don't accurately reflect what you really want to know: how satisfied students are with our courses. For more specific feedback on exactly how our courses have helped our students, please see our Student Testimonials page. If you would like information on our students' reported GMAT scores, please call Student Services at 800-576-GMAT(4628).

The date you schedule the exam will depend on how much time you are able to devote to studying over the course of your program. We recommend allowing at least 1-2 weeks after your course ends for review, a final practice exam, or simply a chance to relax before your test date. If you are able to complete all homework assignments each week, you should be well-prepared to take the exam within this time frame. If you are not able to devote 15+ hours to homework each week, we recommend allowing yourself an extra 3-6 weeks after your course ends to review and catch up on assignments you were not able to complete during the course.

When scheduling your test date, it is important to consider the other components involved in your business school applications. In addition to studying for the GMAT, you'll have essays and personal statements to write, a resume to revise, school visits to make, and recommendations to solicit. Consider how much work you have left in each of these areas when estimating how much time you can devote to studying each week.

Typically, Complete Courses meet for nine consecutive weeks. Skip dates indicate that the class session will not meet during a particular week, and that the next class session will meet the following week at the regularly scheduled time. Hence, if your Complete Course has a skip date on the day that would otherwise have been your session #5, your class will continue with session #5 the following week, and the course will end after ten weeks instead of nine.

In-person course students may attend up to three make-up classes during and up to one month post-course. Online course students will be able to review recordings of each of their class sessions after they take place. All students, both in-person and online, will also have access to all of the GMAT Interact lessons in their Student Center accounts. To schedule an in-person make-up class, please visit the “Your Class Schedule” tab located on the right hand side of your Student Center or contact Manhattan GMAT at 800-576-GMAT(4628) to reserve a seat in an alternate session.

There are a few options available to you should you fall behind in class. If you have missed any of your class sessions, you can take advantage of the options for making up classes (see question above) or review the Interact Lessons in your Student Center. If you have attended all class sessions but haven't kept up with your homework assignments, you will have access to all online resources for nine months after your course ends. Additionally, course students may purchase 30-minute Office Hour Sessions (see 'Can I get help outside of class' question). Complete Course students are also eligible to retake the program at a significantly reduced price (see 'Can I retake a course?' question).

If you are enrolled in a course that has not yet begun, you may switch into another course with no penalty by contacting Student Services at least 48 hours prior to the start of the class you are currently enrolled in. If your course has already begun, you can switch into another upcoming course for $300. Unfortunately, due to the strict class sizes we enforce, we cannot make any exceptions to this rule. However, we do provide make up options for each program. Finally, if you do believe you can't make up the course work in this manner, you may retake the course at a discounted rate (see next question).

Yes. If you have taken a Complete Course, you are eligible to retake another Complete Course in the same location for $399 (Boot Camp programs excluded). If you would like to retake a course in a different location, additional fees may apply. To sign up for a retake, please call us at 1-800-576-4628 (GMAT).

If you are in this situation, don't worry! You still have several options:

a. Private Tutoring

This is often the best option for students looking to prepare for the GMAT quickly but effectively. Our expert instructors create personalized syllabi and develop effective study programs to fit students' busy schedules. The amount of personalized attention you receive as a private tutoring student is unparalleled, and you will be able to cover the content of a Comlpete Course in a condensed time frame. For more information on private tutoring rates and packages, please visit our Private Tutoring page. If you have questions about how private tutoring works and how to decide if this option is right for you, please see our Private Tutoring FAQs below.

b. GMAT Interact

This option is great for students who want to prep on their own schedule and who have the discipline to stick to a study plan without the direct oversight of an instructor. To find out more about what is included in GMAT Interact, please visit our Interact page.

c. Accelerated Courses/Special Programs

Roughly once each quarter, we offer a GMAT Boot Camp in New York. This is an intensive two-week study program designed for individuals who need or want to learn GMAT material quickly, but do not want to sacrifice any content knowledge in the process. For more information on our Boot Camp, visit our Boot Camp page.

In the fall, we also hold accelerated courses that cover all nine sessions in 4-5 weeks. These are generally held online or in New York. Please check the Complete Course page in your location here to see if an accelerated course is being offered.

Complete payment for your course is due by the first class session. You can pay your balance prior to the first session at any time by logging into your Account History, or by contacting our office at 800-576-4628. All payments made to Manhattan GMAT are nonrefundable. (View our full policy here)

Shipping fees are dependent on your location; you can estimate the cost of your shipment here. Additional shipping tax and/or duties may apply to international orders and domestic shipments to CA, DC, MA, IL, NY.

All payments made to Manhattan GMAT are nonrefundable. Due to the proprietary nature of our materials, our limited class size, the scheduling/booking costs of our instructors, and our own administrative costs, we are not able to provide refunds to students for any reason. This applies both to deposits and any other payments for all courses, private tutoring, workshops, product sales, and all other purchases. Please note that refunds are not issued for missed class sessions, course withdrawals, or unused private tutoring hours. (View our full policy here)

While we encourage you to read the instructor bios on our website, we strongly recommend that you choose a course based on what best fits your schedule, rather than who is teaching the course. You can feel confident knowing that Manhattan GMAT adheres to the strictest requirements when hiring instructors. First, all of our instructors must score at the 99th percentile (currently a 760+ out of 800) on the official GMAT in order to be considered for our staff. Additionally, they must have extensive prior teaching experience, and most importantly, must be engaging and interactive in the classroom. We therefore require all candidates to go through an intensive in-person audition process. Of those we invite to our headquarters in New York to audition, only 1 in 5 are hired. Once hired, new instructors must complete a 100+-hour training process unmatched by that of any other test prep company. In order to attract and retain these high-quality individuals, instructors are compensated $100/hour plus bonuses - this is not only up to 4 times the industry standard, but the highest in the industry.

With that said, all of our instructors have detailed bios on our website, which we invite you to read through before selecting a course.

The content covered, and the quality of instruction, are exactly the same in our in-person and online courses. There are, however, a few logistical differences between the in-person and the online courses:

1) Online courses with 10+ students enrolled are led by two instructors instead of one, to allow for substantial interaction among students and instructors.

2) The process for making up missed class sessions is different for in-person and online courses.

Registration for any Complete Course will close the day of the second class session, or when the class reaches capacity, whichever comes first.

Your status as a Trial student does not guarantee you a seat in the full course. If you would like to secure your seat in a course, you must pay the deposit.

We generally post waiting lists for our sold out classes, but the odds of getting off of a waitlist are low. We recommend selecting another class that fits your schedule.

Manhattan GMAT is a private company and not a licensed educational institution; therefore, we cannot issue or endorse visas of any sort.

Our online platform, Elluminate, is designed to reproduce a classroom experience over the computer. The software features:

1) VoIP connections, which allow students and instructors to communicate verbally.

2) A Chat Box window where you can ask questions on the fly during your class lecture. Messages can be sent to the room or privately to instructors, who will get back to you during class.

3) An Interactive White Board that allows our instructors to showcase sample problems and edit them in real time.

If you would like to test out the online platform for yourself, watch a recording of a Free GMAT Preview. This session, in addition to demonstrating the online platform, will provide you with background information on the GMAT, and one of our instructors will guide you through a GMAT problem. You are also welcome to attend an upcoming live online preview.

Logging onto your online class is easy. First, you will need to install and set up Manhattan GMAT's e-learning platform, Elluminate. The program takes about five to ten minutes to set up, and is both Mac and PC compatible. Read complete set up instructions here. You should complete this process before the first day of class. If you have any trouble setting up Elluminate, please contact Tech Support. While we work hard to answer all questions as soon as possible, please allow one business day for a response to your email.

On the day of your class, log into Elluminate with your Manhattan GMAT username and password. If you can't remember this information, check your live online course confirmation email. Once logged in, click on the "Display Schedule" button. Click the "Join" button next to the name of your class. The classroom will open in a separate window.

Please note that your access to the online classroom will be activated approximately one hour before the start of your first class session. You may not have access to the course prior to this time.

Students in online courses have two options for making up a missed class. Each of your nine class sessions is recorded and accessible through Elluminate, our live online e-learning platform. You can login and watch recordings of your specific class, taught by your instructors, whenever you've missed a session. You can also utilize these recordings to re-watch previously attended classes that you found difficult or need a refresher on. Recordings are available through Elluminate almost immediately after a class session ends (see next question for instructions on how to access your recordings).

A second option is to review the set of prerecorded class sessions in your Student Center. These pre-recorded classes will likely be taught by different instructors from your course; however, this is a great way to hear a different perspective on a topic you might find challenging.

To view your class recordings:

1) Go to Elluminate and log-in with your username and password

2) Select the 'Utilities' tab

3) Click on the 'Playback' icon with the speaker graphic on it

4) Set a date range inclusive of your class session and select 'View Recorded Session List'

5) Hit 'Play' next to the class session you would like to watch

We have a demo of Elluminate, the virtual platform used for our online classes, available. If you would like to participate in a sample online class before registering for a Complete Course, you may sign up for a Trial Class. Registering for a Trial Class allows you sit in on the first session of an online course before committing to the full nine week program. You will be able to participate along with the other students in the class. Note that signing up for a Trial Class does not guarantee you a spot in the course, which may sell out before the first session takes place.

eBook access is provided as a convenience for our course students. As such, eBook access begins on the first day of class and is provided for one year only. Unfortunately, we cannot provide extensions for eBook access.

Private Tutoring

When choosing your test preparation method, you should consider your score goals, your application timelines, how you learn best, and what is within your budget. Private tutoring is particularly effective for students who prefer strong guidance and customization in their test preparation program, and can be a great method to use if you have Business School deadlines quickly approaching.

Private tutoring can be utilized in two different ways: as your primary preparation, or as a supplement to your current test prep program. You can go through the range of material covered in our Complete Course during your private sessions (with personalized customization), or you can use private tutoring to drill down on specific topics you find challenging. The decision, ultimately, will come down you your specific situation and needs. Please feel free to give our Student Services team a call at 800-576-GMAT(4628) to discuss what options might be best for you.

First, create an account (if you haven't already done so) and fill out the private tutoring intake form. This form will give us a sense of your score goals and availability, so we can best match you with an appropriate tutor. Once you have submitted your intake form, give our Student Services department a call at 800-576-GMAT. We will ensure that we have all of the necessary information and then take a $20 deposit that will be applied towards your first tutoring session. Shortly thereafter, usually within a few days (depending on the season and current waiting list for tutors), you will be contacted by your assigned tutor to discuss your objectives and timeline. Once you have confirmed a schedule with your tutor and purchased your first hours, you’ll be ready to go.

Please note that during certain times of the year we may have a waiting list for private tutoring. It is highly recommended that you call at least four weeks in advance to schedule private tutoring.

The number of tutoring hours you sign up for depends on your GMAT prep experience to date, the amount of time you have available during the week, and your application deadlines. These factors will be different for everyone; we invite you to contact call Student Services at 800-576-GMAT(4628) to discuss your personal needs.

Once you are paired with a tutor, you will complete a practice exam for your tutor to review. During your first session, you'll devise an appropriate gameplan with your tutor which will function as a rough syllabus for the remainder of your tutoring. Many students find this first session to be a helpful gauge of how many hours they would ultimately like to complete. We require only a minimum of two hours (one session).

All tutoring students receive access to our bank of six Computer Adaptive Practice Exams. For students who purchase 10 or more hours of tutoring, the Complete Manhattan GMAT Curriculum is complementary upon request (requires payment only of applicable shipping fees). This pack of materials includes The Complete Prep Set, as well access to all of our online resources. Students who have completed fewer than 10 hours of tutoring may purchase books and other online resources separately.

All of Manhattan GMAT's instructors are equally proficient in teaching quantitative and verbal content, as well as strategies for approaching each question type. Through our incredibly selective hiring process, intensive instructor training, and ongoing evaluations, we ensure that our instructors are experts in all aspects of the GMAT. If you have specific weaknesses, your tutoring sessions will be tailored accordingly so that your personal needs are addressed.

Generally, sessions last for two hours. This is the time frame that our instructors have determined to be optimal for one-on-one study. That being said, each student has different needs, and instructors have different schedules, so you may be able to work out alternate arrangements. After your initial two-hour sessions, you and your instructor may decide that slightly longer (or slightly shorter) sessions are preferable. Keep in mind, however, that our instructors typically cannot schedule sessions that are under 1.5 hours.

First and foremost, your instructor will assess your ability level and areas of weakness to help you formulate a plan of study. Additionally, you will cover some content and receive an assignment to be completed by your next tutoring session. If you are only planning on completing one 2-hour tutoring session, then your first (and only) session will consist of a thorough assessment of your skills, tips to improve your performance, and specific takeaways you can use to practice for the exam after the session ends.

While it may be tempting to plan for multiple tutoring sessions each week, remember that to maximize your time with your Instructor, you should plan on spending 10-15 hours completing assignments between sessions. For most working professionals, meeting with a tutor once a week is ideal.

We will take your schedule into account when assigning you a tutor. Once we find an instructor with a matching schedule, he or she will contact you to determine a schedule that works for both of you. Please note that we require that you give your instructor 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule a tutoring session. We reserve the right to charge you for the session if you do not give adequate notice.

If you are located near a Manhattan GMAT center, your tutoring sessions will most likely take place at that center. Alternate meeting locations may be discussed with your tutor, but you should plan on meeting your tutor at the center.

If you are not located in a city where Manhattan GMAT has a permanent center, you and your tutor will decide on a mutually convenient location, such as a library or coffee shop, to hold your sessions.

If you sign up for online tutoring, your sessions will take place in an interactive virtual classroom. Special login instructions will be provided prior to your first session.

This format is very similar to in-person tutoring in most respects. You receive the same level of interaction and personal attention from an online tutor, and he or she is able to evaluate and assist you in the same manner as an in-person tutor. Sessions are conducted via our e-learning platform, Elluminate, where you and your tutor can share a mutual online workspace. Simply sign into your tutor's online classroom at the beginning of your session and you're ready to go!

You are welcome to let us know your preference for a particular instructor. We will do our best to accommodate your preference, but scheduling issues prevent us from guaranteeing that you will work with a particular instructor.

Private tutoring sessions are paid for in advance. As long as you have sufficient hours remaining in your account to cover your next session, you may continue to meet with your tutor. If you run out of hours, you can purchase additional time directly through your Private Tutoring dashboard, or by contacting Student Services at 800-576-4628 (or 212-721-7400).
Once you have placed your initial deposit with Student Services and confirmed a schedule with your assigned tutor, you can purchase hours directly through your Private Tutoring dashboard. You may purchase hours individually or in bulk. You may also contact Student Services at 800-576-4628 (or 212-721-7400) to purchase hours over the phone.
All information pertaining to your tutoring history can be found in the Private Tutoring dashboard of your Student Center account. Here you will find records of the hours you have purchased, the sessions you have completed with your tutor, and a count of how many hours you have remaining. You can also purchase additional hours through your dashboard.

We ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice to your instructor if you must cancel or change a tutoring appointment. In addition, you are responsible for arriving on time to your scheduled meetings. Appointments that are not canceled at least 24 hours in advance will be billed as if they had occurred. Additionally, if late arrivals to appointments result in waiting time for your instructor, this waiting time will be counted as part of your private tutoring hours.

The Official GMAT & B-School Admissions

The Official GMAT

To register for the GMAT, visit and click on "Take the GMAT". You'll be directed to a scheduling dashboard that will allow you to learn more about the test, check for seating availability, and schedule an official test appointment by following the on-screen instructions.

The registration fee for the GMAT is $250 USD worldwide. You can register for the exam and select a testing center near you by going to

Excluding major holidays, you can take the GMAT 6 days a week in most metropolitan areas. The times at which the test is offered will depend on the test center, though generally testing is available in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

You can take the GMAT up to 5 times per year, no more than once in a 31 day period. This is important when it comes to planning out your exam schedule. Since we recommend that students plan on taking the test twice, make sure you have time to allow for 31 days between the two exam dates.

Your GMAT score is good for five years. Most business schools accept GMAT scores from tests that were taken within five years of your application date. Other business schools only accept scores from tests taken five years before your matriculation date, which may be a year after you apply. As a result, if you took the test four or five years before you plan on applying, you should check the specific policies at the schools in question.

The only thing that you are allowed to bring into the testing room is a current government-issued photo ID (and remember, the name on your ID must match the name that you used to register for the GMAT). All other items—including pens, purses, watches, snacks, etc.—can be stored in a locker assigned to you by the testing center. But be cautious not to take any books, writing utensils, measuring devices, or electronics out of your locker during the break (including your cell phone)—students have been thrown out of the testing center for doing so. You many only access your snack, medicine, or personal hygiene products during the break. When you arrive, you will be assigned to a testing station and given an erasable notepad and felt tip pen for scratch work. For the full list of rules & regulations, please visit

The following forms of identification are acceptable for U.S. citizens:

  • Government Issued Driver's Licenses
  • Government Issued I.D. Cards
  • Military Cards
  • Passports

If you are not a U.S. citizen (and are taking the exam in the U.S.) you MUST have a passport or green card. No other ID is acceptable. Remember that the name on your ID must match the name that you used to register for the GMAT.

Each school has its own standard for what constitutes a competitive GMAT score, and the schools with the highest rankings don't always have the highest GMAT averages. As a point of reference, the average of student GMAT scores at the top 20 MBA programs in the country is around 708, while the average of scores at the top 10 programs is around 718. Here, you can find the standings and average GMAT scores of the top 20 programs in the country as ranked by US News & World Report.

Remember that the GMAT is only one aspect of your application and, while important, will not be the only criterion schools consider. If you would like more information on how your GMAT score might weigh in on your overall candidacy, consider doing a free 30-minute consultation with our admissions consulting partner, mbaMission.

The essay, or Analytical Writing Assignment (AWA), will be graded by both a human grader and a computer. The computer focuses on grading the spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and complexity of sentence structure; the human grader focuses on your identification and analysis of your stance on the argument or issue, organization, and other qualitative elements. The grades from both graders will be averaged together unless there is a significant difference between the two scores. In the event that the scores are not similar, the essay will be re-graded entirely by a second human grader. For more information on how your AWA score is generated, please visit

You will receive your test score, which reflects the quantitative and verbal portions of the exam only, immediately when you complete the exam. You will receive your official score report, including your essay grade, about 10-14 days later. You can see a sample score report here.

When you take the exam, you are given the option of sending your scores to up to 5 business schools for free. If you wait until after you complete your exam to send your scores, you will be charged a fee for each school. Please note that all of your scores from the last 5 years will be visible on future score reports, so there is no disadvantage to sending your scores for free and submitting additional scores later on if you choose to take the exam again. If you wish to submit additional scores, you may do so here.

The only chance you'll have to cancel your score will be immediately before the score is revealed to you. If you do cancel, you will never know what score you would have received. Hence, unless you ran out of time at the end of a section and left many questions blank or randomly answered, we never recommend canceling your score. Remember that the test feels difficult for everyone, and that the computer adaptive algorithm is designed in such a way that you will likely end up getting about half the questions wrong, even if you achieve a 700+ score. So, even if you feel the test was hard and that you may have done poorly, you still should not cancel your score. If you aren't yet convinced, consider the fact that canceled scores will be noted on your score reports when they're sent to business schools. Please also keep in mind that business schools will not average your scores. Therefore, if you take the test again and achieve your desired score, that is the one schools will take.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your official test date, you will be charged a fee based on the amount of time remaining until your test. If you reschedule your exam at least seven full calendar days before your appointment, you will be charged $50 to change your exam date. If you reschedule within seven full calendar days, you will be charged the full registration amount. If you need to cancel your test date and you do so at least seven full calendar days before your exam, you will be refunded $80; otherwise, you will lose your registration fee. To cancel or reschedule, contact GMAC’s Customer Services in your region or change your appointment online at

In June 2012, the GMAT added a new section called Integrated Reasoning (IR). This new section replaced one of the 2 essays in the AWA section, and, like the essay, is graded separately from the quant & verbal portions of the test. You can find more information on Integrated Reasoning and some sample IR problems here.

B-School Admissions

Application deadlines for full-time programs are usually divided into three rounds: 1st round in September/October, 2nd round in December/January, and 3rd round in February/March. Part-time programs generally have deadlines around April or May. Please note that not all schools offer a third round, and that different schools’ exact application deadlines can vary, so you’ll want to check the website of each of your schools carefully for admissions directions and dates.

The GMAT is an important part of the business school application process because a low score can preclude your application from consideration - but a high score does not guarantee your admission. While most schools claim that they do not have a minimum score, top 10 business schools generally look for GMAT scores above a 650, and average incoming GMAT scores are around 718. If you have a low undergraduate GPA, the GMAT will be even more important. That said, the most important components of your application will be your work experience and your personal statements. If you would like more information on how your GMAT score might weigh in on your overall candidacy, consider doing a free 30-minute consultation with our admissions consulting partner, mbaMission.

The national average GMAT score for test takers is 544. However, to be considered for competitive business schools, you will need a score of at least 600. In fact, the top 20 business schools report that their average GMAT scores are around 708, with scores averaging around 718 for top 10 MBA programs. View the top 20 business school program rankings according to US News & World Report, along with the average GMAT score for each program.

Business schools will receive the scores from all of the exams you have taken in the past 5 years. However, most schools only take your highest score into consideration, even if it is not the most recent.

Admissions committees will only consider your highest GMAT score, and will not average your scores.

Some schools will allow you to submit your application without your GMAT score listed, or with only a self-reported score, if your official score report is pending. However, please note that different schools have very different policies about when you are allowed to submit your GMAT scores, and you should check with the schools you are interested in to find out exactly what their policies are.

In most cases, there is no difference between applying during a first round or second round deadline. If you are unable to make the second round deadline and are faced with the prospect of applying in the third round, you should strongly consider putting off your application until the next year. In the third round, you are applying with a large candidate pool containing people who submitted their applications in earlier rounds, and you are competing for a small fraction of remaining seats.

Please note that some schools operate on a 4-round application process. In these cases, third round deadlines act as the general second round deadline and fourth rounds act as the general third round deadline. Hence, if you apply after the third round, you should strongly consider waiting until next year.

We do not offer Admissions Consulting ourselves, but we can refer you to an organization that we know and trust. mbaMission, led by Jeremy Shinewald, President and CEO, is a good friend of Manhattan GMAT. Mr. Shinewald has hosted many free consultations with Manhattan GMAT students, and his guide to applying to business school comes with every set of course books we hand out to students.

mbaMission offers free 30-minute phone consultations that you can use to get a better feel for what the company has to offer and what application support best fits with your profile and aligns with your goals.

While Manhattan GMAT does not provide application essay review or other admissions consulting services, we do recommend mbaMission, a consulting firm, to our students. They offer free initial consultations, allowing you to discuss your situation with a representative before purchasing any services. You can find information on their services at

Materials & Shipping

GMAT Strategy Guides and Supplemental Guides

The 10 Strategy Guides represent the core of the Manhattan GMAT curriculum. These books contain all of the mathematical and grammatical concepts that will help you learn the content on the exam.

The Complete Prep Set is more comprehensive and comes with more material to help you prepare for the exam, including: the 10 Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides, 3 Official Guides for GMAT Review (13th Ed Official Guide, Verbal and Quantitative Supplements), Manhattan GMAT Foundations of Math Guide, Manhattan GMAT Foundations of Verbal Guide, Manhattan GMAT Test Simulation Booklet and Marker.

The 3 Official Guides, published by GMAC, contain questions that will help you practice what you learn in the 10 Strategy Guides. In fact, each Strategy Guide comes with sets of recommended problems from the Official Guides. The Test Simulation Booklet, which mimics the laminated scrap paper you receive at official testing centers, will help you recreate a more realistic testing environment for your practice exams.

Use your username and password to log into the Student Center. (If you forget your login information, check your confirmation e-mail).

Once you login, click on the grey tab labeled “CAT Exams & Diagnostics”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Start" link next to your first exam.

If you enrolled in a course or GMAT Interact program, or purchased the books directly from our website, your online material is already accessible through your Student Center.

If you purchased hard copies of the Strategy Guides separately, you'll want to register them on our Product Registration page. Just follow the prompts - you will be asked to enter in the 32-digit code that can be found on a sticker on the inside back cover of your book. If your book does not come with a registration code, please email us for additional assistance.

If you purchased ebook versions of our books, please create an account and then forward a copy of your receipt or confirmation email to We will then be able to activate the online access for you.

No, each book must be registered separately to receive access to the corresponding question bank. However, you need to register just one book to obtain access to the 6 CAT tests.

If you purchased the book through our website, email and we can grant you access. If you purchased your book through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, please e-mail us a copy of your receipt and we can enable your online access.

NOTE: You must purchase your book directly from Amazon, LLC or Barnes & Noble (i.e. not a third party "new & used" seller) to be eligible for online access.

If you previously purchased Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides through our online store, we will deduct the price of any books that are included in our course materials from your tuition. Contact if you have any questions about your eligibility for book credits.

For a comprehensive list of international bookstores, please visit this page and select your location. If you do not live near any of the bookstores listed, you can purchase our Strategy Guides through our Online Store or another online bookseller like Amazon.

Student Center / Other Resources

Please read the instructions for taking the CAT Exam thoroughly. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a red box with the title of your first CAT Exam. Directly to the right is a link that reads "Start." Clicking this link will allow you to begin your exam.

Due to the adaptive nature of the test, you must complete one test at a time before the next exam appears in your Student Center. Once you fully complete your first CAT Exam, the second one will appear. This is true for each of your six exams.

NOTE: If you have a Free GMAT Exam in your account, it will appear as your first exam. If you have purchased a complete set of 6 exams (or have enrolled in a program that includes the set of 6 exams) the Free GMAT is a full-length practice test that counts as the first of the 6 tests, and as the one that you should take before Session 1.

You must complete each exam before proceeding to the next. Please click the link labeled "resume" to finish your current exam before starting the next one.

eBooks can be accessed by logging into your Student Center, clicking on the “Class Resources” tab and then clicking on the “Course eBook Downloads” tab in the right column.
Yes. eBooks are compatible with all laptops, Android powered tablets and phones, Apple products and The Nook. eBooks are NOT compatible with The Kindle. eBooks are transferable on up to six devices.
No, we provide your eBooks in a protected format that cannot be printed. Many of our programs come with both eBook access and hard copies of the books, however, so be sure to select the option that suits you best.

Each Question Bank consists of 25 non-adaptive questions, and corresponds to one of our Strategy Guides. You can redo each question bank as many times as you'd like by clicking the "retake" link. Each attempt will be permanently saved in your account.

Complete Course students have access to their online resources as soon as registration is complete. Online resources will be available for 9 months from the last day of class. GMAT Interact students have access to their online resources for 6 months from registration.

Former Complete Course students and Interact students are eligible for one free 180-day extension. A Complete Course/Interact-Study student who has already redeemed the free extension may purchase another for $195.

Individuals who have received online access through individual store purchases are not eligible for free extensions. If you qualify for an extension and would like to request one, please email or call 800-576-GMAT(4628).

Manhattan GMAT online resources are non-transferable.

Extending your online access will not alter your work in any way; all of your previous Student Center work will be saved. This includes Question Banks and Labs as well.


Packages are shipped via UPS or FedEx depending on your location and which shipping option you choose. Packages to P.O. Boxes and APO/FPO addresses are shipped via USPS. Note that shipping to a P.O. Box may result in a delay in processing.

Manhattan GMAT ships to any country serviced by FedEx, which delivers packages to 210 countries.

You will receive tracking information for your order one business day after it is processed. Orders placed by 1:00pm EST Monday-Friday will be processed the same day. Orders placed after 1:00pm EST or on weekends and holidays will be processed on the following business day.

There are two international shipping options available:
International Economy: 4-6 Business Days
International Priority: 3 Business Days

The prices associated with these shipping options vary depending on your country and the items in your order. For estimated shipping costs to your location, use our Rate Calculator. Your order may be subject to shipping duties and taxes depending on the receiving country’s regulations. The customer is responsible for these fees.

At present, we offer overnight, next-day, 2-day, and ground shipping. The prices for each option vary according to the transit time. If you are enrolled in a prep course, remember that you have access to eBook versions of the Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides in your Student Center immediately upon registration. You can utilize these eBooks while you wait for your physical materials to arrive.

Once an order is processed, we will try our best to make address changes, however, this is dependent on the courier used and extra fees may apply. If you would like to request a change to your order, contact

Signatures are not required to deliver packages to residential domestic addresses. Under certain circumstances, the courier will not deliver if they deem the area is unsafe. We will notify you when the package is on its way, and the courier will make three attempts to deliver it to you. If you miss the delivery, you may contact us to arrange for the package to be re-delivered, but you will incur additional shipping charges. International shipments and deliveries to business addresses do require a signature.

Online Resources & Support

CAT Exams & Question Banks

This error usually occurs if you have not completed a Manhattan GMAT exam within 180 days of registering. If you have exceeded the time limit, contact to resolve the issue.

This problem is most likely being caused by your browser. Try the following steps to resolve the problem:

1. Clear your browser's cache (Directions)

2. Add to the trusted sites list and lower the security settings (Directions)

If you’re still having an issue, email, or call us at 212-721-7400 or 800-576-4628(GMAT).

You may resume your exam by clicking on the resume link next to the test in progress. If you don’t see the link, contact to resolve this issue.

If you are experiencing this issue and you are using a wireless connection, try switching to a wired connection. We suggest using a wired connection to ensure the least disruptive experience possible. If you have switched to a wired connection and are still experiencing the above issue, try clearing your browser's cache (Directions)

If you've taken all 6 CAT exams, then we cannot reset the pool and erase your history. The system is programmed this way to track your progress. We can, however reset individual exams if you specifically request it by giving us a call. Remember, these exams are meant to track your progress, so think twice before requesting them to be reset, as this is not reversible.

There is no way to modify the time limit for the essays, but you can pause the essay timer to give yourself more time as needed. However, before the quant and verbal sections of the test you will be presented with a timing option screen where you’ll be able to select your timing preferences for the exam.

Elluminate (Live Online Platform)

For all questions related to Elluminate, please consult the Elluminate Support Page.

If you are still unable to find an answer to your question, please contact, or call us at 212-721-7400 or 800-576-4628(GMAT).