Track + Analyze + Prioritize

Turbo-charge your preparation with Navigator, your all-in-one GMAT dashboard: learn the best solution methods for Official Guide (OG) problems, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and develop priorities for your studies. Time yourself on individual questions, tag problems as guesses, or mark for later review. Use performance statistics to help target your study plan. All written and video explanations developed by Manhattan GMAT’s 99th percentile instructors.

Special Features

  • Timing & Tracking

    Navigator will time your performance and track your answers as you work through Official Guide problems. The dynamic interface also allows you to flag any problem as a Guess and mark a problem as Do Again for later review.

  • Problem Data Dashboard

    Sort your finished problems by topic or question number, or by more detailed metrics such as right/wrong answer, time spent, Guess, Do Again, and difficulty level. Every problem includes a difficultly rating: Easier, Medium, Harder, or Devilish, calibrated according to how thousands of Manhattan GMAT students have performed on that problem.

  • Interactive Analytics

    View your performance by question type (PS, DS, RC, CR, and SC) as well as by content area (for example, all of Word Problems, or Rates & Work problems specifically). You can even view performance statistics by question sub-type (for example, CR Strengthen the Argument). Click on live graphs to dive deeper into the data (even all the way down to individual question stats). You can also display custom graphs based on any date range you select. All categories correspond to Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide chapters, so you know exactly where to go for review or extra work based on how you performed.

  • Explanations

    Navigator includes hundreds of detailed answer explanations for Official Guide problems, including more than 300 video explanations. Manhattan GMAT instructors show you the most efficient and effective methods for tackling these problems—not the “textbook” methods that are technically accurate but very hard to learn. Review explanations of every Official Guide 13th Edition (OG13) quant problem and SC problem.

You will need a copy of the Official Guide to use Navigator. Don’t have one yet? Get yours! 

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