Why Manhattan Prep

Our mission at Manhattan Prep is to help students achieve their goals by providing an outstanding curriculum and the highest-quality teachers in the industry. We offer a variety of programs including Complete Courses, private tutoring, and free introductory seminars, in addition to our comprehensive Strategy Guide series and online resources.

Manhattan Prep Teachers

Our belief is that teacher quality directly impacts student performance. We want to see our students succeed so we hire the best teachers, train them intensely, and equip them with a superior curriculum.

  • Excellence: Each and every one of our teachers has scored 334+ points total on the quant and verbal sections on the official GRE ® exam.
  • Experience: Every teacher must have extensive experience teaching classes and tutoring students before being hired. We only audition teachers who have proven success in the profession.
  • Selection: Candidates must go through a rigorous in-person, multi-stage teaching audition process in order to be considered for a position. Scoring well is one thing, being engaging and interactive in the classroom is another.
  • Training: Those who make it through the extraordinarily selective hiring process are then required to complete an intensive training program before they set foot in a classroom.
  • Compensation: In order to attract and retain the best and the brightest, we pay our teachers $100/hour, plus bonuses. This is the highest in the industry and up to four times the industry standard.


Manhattan Prep Curriculum

Having a stellar group of teachers allows us to offer a more advanced curriculum structured around content mastery instead of test prep methods (e.g. plugging in, trial and error, backsolving, etc.). Tips and tricks can only get students so far. Those who truly want to excel on this exam must understand the quantitative and verbal principles that the GRE ® tests.

Our courses and books cover these fundamental concepts- they re-teach the 8th and 9th grade math tested on the exam, provide a comprehensive approach to the GRE ® 's vocabulary questions, and equip students with the critical tools and strategies needed for both the Reading Comprehension and Essay sections.


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