Mariah Carey

This incredible post on Gawker catalogues the rather prodigious vocabulary displayed in Mariah Carey’s oeuvre.

The post does seem to be making fun of Carey a bit:

Her lyrics are littered with, as she might say, peculiar words that suggest she is a vocabulary booster enthusiast. She loves her some adverbs. The result is a body of words that are rarely, if ever, heard in pop music.

(What’s a “booster enthusiast”? Considering that one definition of booster — and the only definition that really applies to a person — is “enthusiast,” I think “booster enthusiast” is a bit redundant.)

In any case, I read over the entire list of lyrics, lyrics like:

“I can’t be elusive with you honey / ‘Cause it’s blatant that I’m feeling you”

“Do you care for me beyond idolization?”

“I had a crush on you / Painstakingly I would conceal the truth”

“Keep pressing on steadfastly”

“Thoughts run wild as I sit and rhapsodize”

“After so much suffering I finally found unvarnished truth”

“My defenses start to wane”

… and Mariah Carey is basically using those words correctly.

We think she’d do pretty well on the GRE! At least the verbal part.

Check out the entire list here.

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Math BeastEach week, we post a new Challenge Problem for you to attempt. If you submit the correct answer, you will be entered into that week’s drawing for two free Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides.

The constant rate at which machines A works is  of the constant rate at which machine B works. Under normal conditions, machine A would complete x lots in 2 days. However, when a technician attempts to use machines A and B simultaneously, there is not enough electrical power to run both machines at full power. As a result, running the machines simultaneously reduces the work rate of each machine by 20%.

How long will it take the machines to complete 3x lots, working simultaneously?

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Math BeastEach week, we post a new Challenge Problem for you to attempt. If you submit the correct answer, you will be entered into that week’s drawing for two free Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides.

Insurance Plan A requires the patient to pay up to the first $1,600 of any hospital bill plus 12% of the remainder of the bill. Insurance Plan B requires the patient to pay the entire amount of any hospital bill under $2,000; for hospital bills of at least $2,000, the patient pays $2,000 plus another 8% of the entire amount.

The patient would pay the same under either insurance plan for hospital bills of which of the following amounts?

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Not all reading comprehension passages are the long boring ones that everyone hates; we also see quite short passages that are perhaps more appropriately called arguments. We can then be asked to strengthen or weaken the conclusion, find the conclusion, articulate the role of a specific piece of information, and so on. Today we’re going to talk about how to Weaken a conclusion.

We’re going to use the analysis process that we discussed in a previous article; please take a look at that article first if you haven’t already.

We want to average about 1.5 to 2 minutes on RC questions in general, so set your timer for either 1.5 minutes (if RC is a strength) or 2 minutes (if RC is a weakness). (© ManhattanPrep).

Universal preschool is a misguide use of public funds. This early academic focus will undermine the social, emotional, and mental development associated with a carefree early childhood. Furthermore, the economic burden on the state to fund such an ambitious undertaking will be overwhelming in both the short-term and long-term, since the state has no way to offset the program’s costs.

Which of the following, if true, most weakens the idea that universal preschool will be an economic burden on the state?

(A) Students who attend preschool are more likely to complete high school than students who do not attend preschool.

(B) Preschool educated children fare much better in kindergarten than do children without preschool.

(C) Part of the high cost of universal preschool stems from its requirement that preschool teachers have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching credential.

(D) The taxes necessary to fund universal preschool can come from a variety of sources, including property taxes and bond measures.

(E) Students who attend preschool are less likely to require special education, an expensive public service.

The first thing everybody does is check the answer “ so I’ll tell you that the answer is E. Even if you answered correctly, though, you’re not done! You still need to analyze the problem. : )

Now we’re going to analyze our work. I’ve reproduced the questions from the How To Analyze article below, but in a shorter form. I’ve followed the questions with italicized notes. These italics represent what I would think to myself when analyzing this problem.

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