Guided Self-Study

Manhattan Prep GRE Guided Self-Study

The Manhattan Prep Guided Self-Study Preparation Program is designed for self-motivated individuals who want full access to all of Manhattan Prep’s curricular materials. It is also a good fit for students operating under a tight deadline who may not have the time to take a live prep course. Armed with the resources listed below, you will plan and execute a complete GRE® preparation program at your own pace.

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This price includes both the books and online resources listed below. Online resources will be made available for 6-months from the date of purchase.

Manhattan Prep Syllabus

This syllabus provides a study plan for Guided Self-Study students, helping students work through the books and recordings included in the Guided Self-Study program. Homework assignments provide a step-by-step “to do” list for each phase of the program.

Manhattan Prep GRE Syllabus

On Demand Class Recordings (27+ hours of instruction)

This is Manhattan Prep’s Complete Course in recorded form. Taught by our expert instructors, these recordings comprise the core of our Guided Self-Study program. Students benefit from lessons, practice problems, drills, strategies, and expert advice not found in our course books.

Manhattan Prep GRE Class Recordings

To get a sense for how the recordings work, preview the first recording here.

6 Section Adaptive Practice Exams

These exams are calibrated to mimic the behavior of the new section adaptive format of the revised GRE®. Our aim is to provide you with the most realistic test-taking experience possible.

Manhattan Prep GRE Practice Tests and Explanations

Our exams include detailed answer explanations and analyses of how to best solve each problem.

GRE Practice Exam Assessment Reports

Personalized assessment reports help you track progress and areas of weakness across multiple exams. These are an invaluable tool in measuring your Self-Study progress and focusing your studies. Learn more.

Manhattan Prep Strategy Guides

Written by our world-class percentile instructors, each guide provides in-depth instruction in one of the major content areas or specific question types tested on the GRE®. Learn more.

Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides

5 lb. Book of GRE® Practice Problems

Manhattan Prep's 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems is an essential resource for students of any level who are preparing for the Revised GRE General Exam. With 33 chapters and over 1,800 practice problems, students can build fundamental skills in math and verbal through targeted practice. Learn more.

5 pound book cover

The Official Guide to the GRE® revised General Test

This book is the primary source of revised GRE® questions and information published by ETS, the administrators of the GRE®. This guide features verbal and quantitative questions, as well explanations of the new testing format. These problems closely match the style and subject type of questions you will encounter on test day, and as such this book is an essential resource for test-takers of all ability levels. Sample essay topics are also included. Learn more

The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test

OTHER Included Online Resources

  • Foundations of Math Recordings (6.5 hours of instruction)
    This 4-part Foundations of Math series provides supplemental math review for those students who haven’t studied math since high school. Lessons on Equations; Number Properties; Fractions, Decimals, & Percents; and Geometry are supplemented by drills and exercises to help you develop the math foundations needed to tackle the GRE®. We recommend working through these lessons before moving on to the On Demand Class Recordings.
  • Challenge Problem of the Week Archive
    This is a resource for those students wanting practice on the toughest of the tough GRE® math questions. New questions and solutions are added each week.
  • Manhattan Prep Blog
    Need help with your vocabulary? The Manhattan Prep Blog contains articles and advice for beefing up your word knowledge.