Ceilidh Erickson

Boston, MA



By far, the most frequent question that Céilidh is asked is “how do you pronounce that?” When she tells people that it’s pronounced “kay-lee,” she often gets puzzled looks. (Incidentally, céilidh is a Gaelic word meaning party or gathering – usually one with Irish traditional music and folk dancing. Céilidh took Irish step dancing while she was growing up, and knows various céilidh dances. It’s sort of like being named “Square Dance Erickson.”)

At Princeton University, Céilidh majored in comparative literature and specialized in creative writing, winning creative writing awards and writing for various publications. While there, she began teaching SAT prep, and discovered a knack for teaching test-prep. After graduation, tutoring was always a side job, in addition to working at various times for an art dealer, on political campaigns, at startups, at nonprofits, at online magazines, and even (briefly) at a hedge fund. Tutoring was always the job that bought her the greatest joy and challenge, though, so she decided to make it her full(ish)-time job.

She joined Manhattan Prep in 2011, where she helps her GMAT and GRE students learn to love the challenge, too!

Céilidh is also active with educational nonprofits. Her students at NJ SEEDS (an organization that help high-achieving underprivileged students to earn scholarships to private schools) had an average of 85% score improvement on the SSATs! (Her students affectionately called her “J-biebs” because of the similarity between her haircut and that of a certain pop singer). She also redesigned the program’s curriculum, to ensure that all future students could achieve similar success.

What students are saying

“Ceilidh is a fantastic instructor.”

What students are saying

“She is very attentive to students and knows exactly when questions or concepts are not understood.”

What students are saying

“Ceilidh\'s enthusiasm is infectious and helps students get jazzed about the material they are learning.”