Chris Brusznicki

Chicago, IL


Kellogg School of Management (MBA, MEM)

Chris is a master of the test prep universe, having personally instructed nearly 3,000 students in the ways of test prep since 2006. Chris is passionate about self improvement and loves helping students reach their goals.

Prior to joining that Manhattan Prep team, Chris went from jumping out of airplanes as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division of the US Army to attending business school. The journey from the battlefield to the classroom wasn’t easy, but a 99th percentile GMAT score certainly helped Chris along. Chris is so enamored with his Kellogg experience that his primary goal as an instructor is to likewise help students get into the B-School of their dreams.

Chris began his teaching career leading GED math modules while a mathematics major at the University of Notre Dame. He also broadened his teaching skill set while serving in the Army where he learned the importance of mastering basic concepts to conquer large and complex tasks. Today, Chris has done everything under the sun in terms of GMAT prep whether that be curriculum development, question writing, exam question writing, one on one tutoring, online instruction, and of course in person instruction.

Chris most enjoys working with students who have an indomitable will, or at the very least want to develop one. He strongly believes that individuals can vastly improve their lives in ways they never thought possible before as long as they set high expectations for themselves. He expects hard work from his students and loves receiving emails from them with admissions news.

For his full time job, Chris brokers and invests in real estate investment. He runs two consumer facing businesses: and, which connect travelers with upscale properties around the world. He has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Crain’s, CNN, and other publications.

Chris lives in Chicago proper with his beautiful wife Maureen and four children. He is an avid crossfitter, world traveler, and gourmand.

What students are saying

“Chris was approachable and friendly.”

What students are saying

“Chris is so friendly. He really cares about his students’ success.”

What students are saying

“He was very knowledgeable.”