Chris Gentry

Atlanta, GA


Emory Law (JD)

I was six months away from finishing a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering when I decided that I absolutely did not want to work in that field. Shortly after finishing that degree, I found out that I have one of those warped minds that enjoys taking standardized tests and helping other people prepare for them. I started teaching the LSAT for another test prep company, but left while in law school.  So yes, I have two degrees that I never want to use.  Why?  I *love* teaching!  (Why else would I take all three of these tests?!?)

My goal is to push every student to a dual-pronged understanding of each test question. First, and most obvious, there is the understanding of the most efficient solution method. Integral to this understanding is the realization that while there are almost always multiple methods, something concrete in the problem itself can propel you to the best method. What is that specific element that drives the solution method? But second, and often overlooked, is the understanding that every part of every question, from the smallest word in the question to the selection of the five available choices, is very, very deliberate. “Why did the test writer phrase the problem this way?” is a question I often ask my students.

I live in Atlanta and absolutely love my city; my family has ties that go back over 150 years. I loves to cook, but think recipes are boring. I love games, trivia, and puzzles of all kinds, which probably feeds into my enjoyment of standardized test questions. Finally, I have two dogs, one who is smart enough to unlock and open doors, and one who is terrified of the most innocuous objects, especially Christmas trees. Christmas trees?!?

What students are saying

“Friendly, knowledgeable, very engaging.”