Dan Bartz

Chicago, IL


EDUCATION University of Michigan

Educator. Entrepreneur. But perhaps most importantly, Nerd. After teaching in one form or another for 5 years, Dan has developed a simple yet effective principle: everyone can discover his or her own inner nerd and thereby unlock the door to GMAT success.

You might be thinking: me, a nerd? Don’t worry. Dan does not expect all of his students to reach fully-fledged nerd-dom. But Dan does do his utmost to ensure that each of his students reaches a deeper understanding of GMAT content, develops a stronger grasp of the exam’s inner-secrets, and gains an overall appreciation for the exam. Some of Dan’s students have even remarked that they enjoy the GMAT after taking his class. If you can learn to love it, you’ve definitely found the nerd within.

Dan began to discover his own inner nerd at an early age. You see, a love of grammar requires one of two basic ingredients: an innate, staunch perfectionism or the influence of an old-school English teacher. Dan has both in spades. He spent a countless number of his teenage nights endlessly editing essays under his mother’s strict tutelage until they were perfect.

Like most humans, however, Dan’s brain has two hemispheres. After honing his linguistic skills in his early years, Dan spent four years at the University of Michigan sharpening his quantitative and critical reasoning chops through a strict regimen of math and engineering classes. With his Mechanical Engineering degree in hand, Dan joined a startup materials science company developing environmentally-friendly nanomaterials.

In 2007, Dan ventured beyond the lab coat and joined the Teach For America Corps, teaching 9th grade algebra at a public high school in Brooklyn . He then served as founding math teacher at Uncommon Charter High School, where he explored his own nerd-liberating teaching style while developing the school’s algebra and geometry curricula from scratch.

And then it happened: Dan met the GMAT, and his life has not been the same since. After scoring a 770 and joining Manhattan GMAT in 2011, Dan gets to combine his love for unlocking his students’ inner nerd with his passion for logical reasoning and problem solving.

When he is not teaching the GMAT, Dan can be found enjoying the great outdoors, philosophizing over a single malt, cooking dinners with his lovely wife, or working on a top-secret entrepreneurial venture in Chicago. Maybe it’s not completely top-secret — if you ask, he’d be happy to tell you more.