Matt Cressy

Boston, MA


EDUCATION College of the Holy Cross
Boston College (MBA)

Matt Cressy has been working with students to improve test scores since he was in high school in the 1980s, when he was paid to help prepare his fellow classmates for the SAT. After graduating from the College of the Holy Cross with degrees in Economics and History, Matt moved to Boston and soon found himself teaching GMAT classes part-time while pursuing a full-time career in financial services. Throughout the years, Matt has had the privilege of helping literally hundreds of students get into top business schools. Every time a student e-mails or calls to say, “I got in!” Matt smiles with satisfaction knowing he contributed to his students’ success.

Matt is a teacher in his civilian life as well. Along with his experience prepping students for the GMAT, Matt also served as a Teaching Assistant at Boston College, teaching and tutoring finance while earning an MBA and a Masters of Science in Finance.

Matt has scored a 770 on the GMAT, and is a CFA charterholder. Currently, he works in the investor relations/media space. Matt helps explain companies to people with money.

In his free time, Matt enjoys cycling, golf, and swimming. He has the distinction of swimming 117 days in a row one summer, continuing his streak while the leaves were changing and the temperature was dropping into the 30s. Matt also enjoys obsessing over the Red Sox and Patriots and going to many games as possible at both Fenway Park and Gillette Stadium. Despite his status as an die-hard Boston fan, Matt refuses to hold Manhattan Prep’s name against it. Matt and his wife, Vanessa, reside in Mansfield, MA with their recently arrived daughter.

What students are saying

“Matt is very personable and has a very good handle on the material. I learned so much from this class!”

What students are saying

“Matt is very knowledgeable and is very approachable. He makes everyone feel comfortable and gives great explanations.”

What students are saying

“Matt explains the material in a way that anyone should be able to understand.”