Happy teachers lead to successful students

The progress of our students hinges on the quality of our instruction. We expect our teachers to be the very best at what they do, and we give the best in return.

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Excellent compensation

Receive the best pay in the industry — $116/hr. plus end-of-year bonuses.

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Flexible hours

Make your own schedule — teach as few as 3 hours per week.

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Freedom in the classroom

Take our curriculum then use, modify and enhance it as you see fit.

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Open culture

Share your ideas and learn from other smart, talented, and creative people.

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What it takes

  • 99th percentile GMAT, LSAT, GRE or SAT score
  • Extensive teaching experience and expertise
  • Flexible schedule, particularly on evenings and weekends
  • Must sign a non-compete, agreeing not to teach for anyone else

How it works

The process to become an instructor is equally rigorous and rewarding. If you succeed, you’ll know you’re part of a very select group of exceptional educators.

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See what our instructors have to say

Find out what it’s like to teach with us from the people who know best.

I feel as though I’ve finally found kindred spirits in life. I’m serious! I’m working with amazing people who geek out over standardized tests as much as I do. I can’t imagine a more fun or more fascinating job.
GMAT, GRE, and LSAT instructor
I left the world’s largest hedge fund to work for Manhattan Prep, and I make the same money in one third of the hours! Moreover, I wouldn’t change a thing even if I won the lottery because, frankly, I’d miss teaching; having the freedom to teach whatever and however I see fit is just too much fun.
GMAT and LSAT instructor
Manhattan Prep is the first company I’ve ever worked where every single one of my colleagues is really smart, unusually helpful, and genuinely nice. I started out thinking this would be a fun part-time gig, but I quit my other job within a year so I could teach here full-time!
GMAT instructor