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Live Online Accelerated Spring 1A 2015 Apr 2 - May 21 Thursdays
12:00 - 3:00PM (CDT)
12:00 - 3:00PM (CDT)
Live Online Accelerated Spring A 2015 Apr 9 - May 28 Thursdays
7:00 - 10:00PM (CDT)
7:00 - 10:00PM (CDT)
Logic Games Online Spring A 2015 Apr 11 - May 16 Saturdays 1:00 - 4:00PM (CDT)
Live Online Accelerated Spring B 2015 May 2 - Jun 2 View details.
Live Online Summer A 2015 Jun 21 - Sep 20 Sundays 3:00 - 6:00PM (CDT)
Live Online Summer B 2015 Jun 27 - Sep 26 Saturdays 12:00 - 3:00PM (CDT)
Live Online Summer C 2015 Jul 8 - Sep 23 Wednesdays 12:00 - 3:00PM (CDT)
Live Online Summer D 2015 Jul 8 - Sep 23 Wednesdays 7:00 - 10:00PM (CDT)
Live Online Accelerated Summer A 2015 Aug 5 - Sep 23 Wednesdays
7:00 - 10:00PM (CDT)
7:00 - 10:00PM (CDT)
Live Online Accelerated Summer B 2015 Aug 29 - Sep 28 View details.
Free Workshops & Practice Exams
Zen and the Art of LSAT with Brian Birdwell - A Free Public LSAT Class - 4/22/2015 Apr 22 Wednesday 7:00 - 9:00PM (CDT)

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Manhattan LSAT Classroom

Our courses include 66 hours of live instruction led by one of our master teachers and feature our exclusive curriculum – read more about why our teachers and curriculum rock. Manhattan LSAT class sizes are limited in size (ranging between 10 to 25 students) to keep classes interactive, engaging and effective.

Small, Interactive Class:
Our teachers make sure that you stay alert and participate. Expect to be called on!

What's Covered in Class:
Our comprehensive syllabus will guide you through our curriculum See a Sample Syllabus

Class Information

In addition to your live classes, you will receive the following resources:

Class Recordings


Unlimited access to On Demand Class Recordings of our Complete Course (36 hours, taught in our interactive online classroom.)

Office Hours Session


Weekly 30-minute Office Hours Sessions (one-on-one private instruction with a Manhattan LSAT teacher dedicated to answering students' questions.)

Other Online Resources

  • Syllabus: your customizable syllabus will help you create and follow a study plan.
  • LSAT Workshop Recordings: Over 30 hours of homework review sessions and workshops reviewing recent LSATs. Dig deeper into your practice and recent trends.
  • Handouts: these sheets complement each class recording.
  • Online Labs: Guided lessons and exercises that help you practice LSAT techniques.
  • LSAT Tracker: Break down your results from your practice PrepTests. Learn your strengths and weaknesses with our proprietary analysis tool.

Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guides

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Logic Games
  • Logical Reasoning

Written by our expert teachers, our Strategy Guides provide you with over 600 pages of strategy, explanations and practice.

Official Full-Length LSAT Exams

  • Access to Every Exam Ever Released by LSAC
  • Practice Book 1
  • Practice Book 2

With every exam released by LSAC at your fingertips, you'll be set to practice LSATs from start to finish.

Games Intensive Recordings


Unlimited access to recordings of our 6-session logic games intensive course (18 hours, taught in our interactive online classroom.)

Self Study

Our self-study programs allow students to access all the material that a course student would get, just without the live class sessions. Manhattan LSAT self-study students get:

  • All three Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guides
  • Access to On Demand Class Recordings of our Complete Course
  • Our customizable syllabus
  • Enhanced access to our forums
  • Option for discounted Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring

Get the specialized help you need, and cover the entire Manhattan LSAT Curriculum with personalized instruction from one of our 99th percentile rock star instructors. Tutoring packages include:

  • All three Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guides and Every officially licensed LSAC Practice Tests ever released
  • Unlimited Access to On Demand Class Recordings of our Complete Course
  • A Customized Course Syllabus
  • Enhanced access to our forums

Our Books

Each Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guide was written to be a standalone course. Together, they teach you all of the methodologies needed to conquer the LSAT. Available in packages or individual copies.

Best Teachers & Highest Pay

Our teachers are the best in the business. Why? Because we offer them the best pay in the industry, allowing us to require 99th percentile scores and prior teaching experience. Meet the team!

My instructor ... was not only extremely knowledgeable and professional but also friendly and approachable too."
-Gregory M., on Yelp

Small Class Size

Our maximum class size is 25 online, or 18 in person. Often, we keep the classes much smaller. See What We Mean.

I love the fact that all of their classes are limited to 20 students or less."
-BlaqBella on
Top Law Schools Forum

170+ Focus

Our Curriculum is sophisticated and rigorous and our classes are engaging. Try Our Logic Game for a Taste..

Their methods are incredible, ESPECIALLY for the games!!
-Bee on Google Places

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between your class and the competition?
  • Though a few other companies maintain a similar score threshold for their teachers, there are distinct differences between Manhattan LSAT and other LSAT prep companies.Our classes are capped (18 in person, 25 online with two teachers) so that teachers can teach and students receive the attention they need. Testmasters, Blueprint and Powerscore run large classes (you can see up to 30-70 students) in lecture style halls. We train our teachers for 2-3 months and our teachers-in-training must sit through an entire course, do the homework, and complete curriculum projects to develop true mastery of the material. Testmasters and other competitors run weekend or week-long trainings.

  • Do you use real LSAT questions in your books and classes?
  • Yes. At a few points in the course, we have written a question or logic game because we can focus it on a specific point that we want to make during a class, but for the most part all of the questions in both our books and in class come from past LSATs. We’ve also written a whole slew of LSAT games for additional practice beyond the real LSAT games that we assign. Mostly we do this because it keeps our instructors in shape – if you can write a game, you can solve one! But, it’s also useful for our students, as there are actually not that many examples of certain game types. However, for homework, we always encourage students to focus on the real LSAT games we assign. Our games then serve as a supplement.

  • When should I start studying for the LSAT?
  • This will vary depending on the individual student. Our classes are designed to take you through the entirety of our curriculum, and they generally span the three month timeframe leading up to a particular exam. We believe that if students are able to come to all of your classes and keep up with all of the homework, most will be ready to take the exam they have been preparing for.

    Our courses are intentionally scheduled to end about 3 weeks before the implementation of the LSAT. We expect that students will use that time to do additional practice tests (that’s why we include every practice test ever released by the LSAC in your student center) review them, and spend extra time on your weak areas. Keep in mind that if you’re in an accelerated class that ends shortly before the LSAT, it will be that much more important to keep up with the homework during the class.

  • What happens if I have to miss a class?
  • All Manhattan LSAT course students are given access to On Demand Class Recordings of our Complete Course. If a student must miss class, this is the best way for him or her to catch up on what was taught during a particular class session.

  • What’s the difference between online and in-person courses?
  • The content covered and the quality of instruction are both exactly the same in our in-person and online courses. There are, however, a few logistical differences between the in-person and online courses:

    • Online courses are led by two instructors instead of one, to allow for substantial interaction among students and teachers.
    • The process for making up missed class sessions is slightly different for in-person and online courses.
    • Online courses are a bit less expensive than in-person courses.

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