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Free LSAT Workshop

Free LSAT Workshop

Watch a free workshop on LSAT basics and get a lesson in logic games and logical reasoning LSAT questions.

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LSAT Information

Free LSAT Information

Learn the difference between a regular LSAT-taker and a master LSAT-taker.

LSAT Scores

Find out how the LSAT is scored, what score you need to go to law school and more.


Play Games!

Logic Games Challenge

Logic Games Challenge LSAT Questions

Ace our Logic Game Challenge! A new game is updated regularly. Submit your answer to LSAT questions to win prizes and discounts.


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LSAT Arcade

Free LSAT Practice Games at the Manhattan LSAT Arcade

Play our free online games to help you study for the LSAT.

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LSAT Tools

Rule Equivalency Bonus Chapter

Free bonus chapter on rule equivalency LSAT questions

Read about the introduction of a new question type on the LSAT – Rule Equivalency LSAT questions

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LSAT Proctor

free LSAT proctored exams

Mimic real test-taking conditions in your own home using our free Virtual Proctor Video during a practice test.

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LSAT Tracker - 4th Edition

We’d love to get your feedback on our new Tracker so that we can improve it. Please post it here: LSAT Tracker Feedback.

Download Windows Version
Download Mac OSX Version


LSAT Strategy Guides: Free Download

Download the first chapter of our LSAT books for free

Download the first chapter of each Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guide for Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension.

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Manhattan LSAT Blog

Manhattan LSAT Blog

Read about the latest and greatest topics in the LSAT world and law school trends.

LSAT Questions and Explanations

Explanations to LSAT Questions

Our Instructors answer your LSAT questions on our forums.

Zen and the Art of LSAT Workshop

Join Manhattan GMAT Instructor, Brian Birdwell, for a 2 hour online study session. Ask your LSAT questions and have Brian answer them.


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