Blackboard Collaborate Setup

Setting up Blackboard Collaborate is easy.
Follow these 3 steps and you’ll be ready for your online session:

Step 1: Check the system requirements

PC users: Windows 7+
Mac users: macOS 10.8+
All users: 3 Mbps+ download speed

Test your download speed.

Step 2: Download and Install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher

Windows installation files (47.0MB)

macOS installation files (69.8MB)

Step 3: Configure Your Audio Settings

Download the Blackboard Configuration Room file (meeting.collab).

Run meeting.collab. Once the Configuration Room loads, run the Audio Setup Wizard:

If you were able to hear and record audio in the Audio Setup Wizard, you’re ready to join your online session!

If you experience any technical difficulties, please email Manhattan Prep at or call us at 800-576-4628.