Admissions Consulting with mbaMission


Over the past years, many of Manhattan Prep's students have decided to work with an Admissions Consulting firm to guide them through the challenging Business School application process. Based on feedback from previous students, one firm that has consistently demonstrated a track record of exceptional service and results is our partner, mbaMission.


mbaMission employs only professional writers with elite MBA experience. Like Manhattan Prep, they compensate their team of consultants at the highest levels in the industry. Additionally, they have a reputation for exemplifying high standards similar to those Manhattan Prep holds for its instructors and curriculum.


Manhattan Prep recommends that all students take advantage of the Free Consultation offered by mbaMission. This will give you a chance to learn more about working with an Admissions Consultant, and provide you with some quick guidance to set your B-School application process in motion.


mbaMission offers a variety of services, from application consulting packages to individual B-School guide books:

  • Consulting Services – mbaMission offers all-inclusive “Complete Start to Finish” packages, as well as “A la Carte” hourly services. You can decide what is best for you depending on whether you need comprehensive application assistance, or just some help writing your essays and polishing your resume.


  • B-School Insider’s Guides – Get insight into the schools of your choice so that you can be certain you’re applying to a program that is right for you.


  • Free Consultation – An excellent resource for all future B-School applicants.

To learn more, visit the mbaMission website at