Articles published in April 2009

Business School Rankings


US News and World Report recently released its latest b-school rankings, and the folks over at admissions consulting firm MBA Mission gave their take on the news here.

(To echo something in the MBA Mission post, it is far more important to make sure a school is right for you than it is to make sure that the school has a high ranking. Please don’t get all caught up in artificial rankings and then find yourself at the wrong school for you.)

If you want to go straight for the US News report, follow this link.

Andrew Yang, MGMAT CEO, on CNBC


CNBC had Andrew Yang, CEO of Manhattan GMAT, as a guest last week to comment on the current outlook for young college graduates looking to enter the workforce.

New GMAT in the works?


Don’t worry. It isn’t launching until 2013(!), so if you’re planning to take the test before then, you don’t have to worry about any big changes the test writers decide to introduce.

If you are curious, though, click this link to a short mention of the news in The Economist. There isn’t much info – GMAC is obviously still in the early stages of developing their “Next Generation GMAT” – but there’s some interesting discussion on trends in business school admissions.