Articles published in January 2010

Go to B-School. Get a Tax Deduction? It’s More Likely Than You Think!


The New York Times blog, “Bucks”, recently published two in-depth articles about a recent court ruling that has made MBA tuition tax deductible provided that you can prove that an MBA can enhance your career. There are some subtleties to the ruling; for example, you cannot deduct the cost of your MBA if you use it to switch careers and in some cases, you might have to provide written proof that the specific classes you took to earn your MBA are directly relevant to your established career. It’s worth giving both articles a full and thorough read, as this new ruling has the potential to save you a significant sum of money.

New York Times: When You Can Deduct the Cost of Your M.B.A.

New York Times: More on M.B.A. Tuition Reductions

Considering An MBA? Attend A Free Long Term Planning Workshop Led by mbaMission


If you live in DC, LA, or Chicago, we invite you to attend a Long Term Planning workshop led by our friends at mbaMission this Thursday, January 28th. The workshop will teach you how to create an admissions timeline, accelerate your personal goals, and weigh the differences between various MBA programs, along with other useful tips. We’re very excited to be able to host these events for our community. Keep in mind, however, that while these events are free, space is limited, so select your location below and register today!

Thursday 1/28/09 6:30 – 8PM
Thursday 1/28/09 6:30 – 8PM
West Hollywood
Thursday 1/28/09 7 – 8:30PM

For those of you who do not live in the cities above or who miss the event, mbaMission will be running more Long Term Planning Workshops in the coming weeks. Two will take place online, one in Philadelphia, and one in New York. View our full schedule of events to register.

Thanks to mbaMission for putting these events on!

Free GMAT Guide


Here at Manhattan GMAT, we spend a fair amount of time introducing our students to the ins and outs of the GMAT (e.g.  How are the essays weighed and scored?  What are the practical implications of the test being computer adaptive?).  The GMAT is a unique test that raises its own distinctive issues and challenges, and learning about the test (as opposed to simply practicing test questions) is itself a valuable component to achieving a high score.

In response to popular demand, we have compiled answers to many of the questions that most students have about the GMAT in this FREE guide – the GMAT Uncovered.  This guide is available electronically via download at our site.  We are confident that the GMAT Uncovered will address many of the questions you may have about the GMAT, including questions you didn’t even know you had!  It was written by Stacey Koprince, one of our extraordinary Instructors, so you know it’s good.  🙂

Happy reading!

Is MBA tuition tax-deductible?


From the Wall Street Journal, Bschool tuition apparently was tax-deductible for at least one MBA student.  Whether this changes the scenario for MBA students everywhere is still open to question.

MBA as Liberal Arts degree


The New York Times recently published a very widely read article about how some business schools (Stanford among them) are looking to provide more broad-based training concerning how to synthesize and address complex issues as opposed to more functional skills such as finance or accounting (the University of Chicago is presented as representing more of a traditional MBA program).  Yet another reason to home in on what sort of business education you want for yourself, as prominent business schools are beginning to diverge in terms of educational philosophy and curricula.

Are MBA Students ‘Customers’?


The New York Times has a very interesting discussion up of whether MBA students should be considered ‘customers’ (i.e. have their input/feedback taken as gospel) as opposed to students.  The debate is based upon a recent Chicago Tribune article about the same topic.

It might be a good idea to decide yourself how you feel about this, and perhaps apply to schools that agree with you!