Articles published in October 2010

How to Make Educated Guesses on Verbal


A few weeks ago, we talked about how to make educated guesses on quant (you can click here for that article). This article covers educated guessing in verbal.

What is Educated Guessing?

(This section of the article is identical to the Quant educated guessing article.) Generally speaking, there are two kinds of guessing: random and educated. A random guess is one in which you really don’t have any good idea how to choose among all five answer choices. An educated guess is simply one in which you have used good reasoning to eliminate a wrong answer or answers before you make a random guess from among the remaining choices.

It is often the case that we can figure out some likely wrong answers even when we have no idea how to find the right answer. When we narrow our options in this way, we give ourselves a better chance of guessing correctly when we finally do guess. In order to narrow our options effectively, though, we actually have to have studied this in advance; this is not something that you just know how to do.

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