Announcing the Revised Foundations of GMAT Math


Foundations of GMAT Math coverThis week marks the release of our Foundations of GMAT Math Strategy Guide Supplement! This book is one of the first of our Fifth Edition guides to be released, and we are excited for the updates and improvements it represents. Our instructors have been working overtime to make the book more comprehensive and accessible to students on every level, and at 10 chapters and over 500 pages, the new Foundations of GMAT Math is a significant upgrade from the previous edition.

Covering algebra, geometry, number properties, and more, Foundations of GMAT Math was revised to focus not only on foundational knowledge, but on computation in general.  The book now covers all of the basic computation that is tested on the GMAT, teaching students the material through easy-to-follow explanations and cementing understanding with over 700 practice problems.

One of our favorite additions to the book is a series of “If you… Then you…” tables that are designed to make understanding fundamental math principles a snap. We’ve included an example below:

Revised Foundations of GMAT Math

Other improvements include an expanded section on word problems, a clearer problem solving process, and an emphasis on more focused questions.  Additionally, Foundations of GMAT Math now includes more difficult content, including a greater number of questions in the 500-600 range.

With a new cover, a new layout, and an abundance of new content, the Fifth Edition Foundations of GMAT Math is better than ever!  Check it out for yourself by visiting our store.

Also released today was the GMAT Roadmap! Read about it here.

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    gmat has been revise and now we have intergrated reasoning,is this section under the maths section or english section,please help