GMATPrep 2.1 released, with corrected IR section scoring


Editor’s Note: This is a follow-up to Liz’s post from Wednesday, reviewing the new GMATPrep 2.0.

Late yesterday afternoon I got an exciting email from GMAC! It said that GMAC had found and fixed what was described as a section scoring error and posted an updated version of the GMATPrep practice software for students to download.

Of course I immediately downloaded the new software in order to test it. Version 2.1 asks if you want to replace version 2.0 before it downloads, which is a nice feature, but a bit irrelevant, because of course you want the version where IR scoring works.

The big surprise is that the IR section score is on a 1-8 scale, not 1-25 as it appeared to be previously. I tried it and missed one question in one out of 12 prompts and got an 8, but when I tried it again and missed 1 question in each of 4 different multiple answer prompts, I got a 7, so it looks as though GMAC must be giving some sort of partial credit, but I won’t be positive of this until I’ve tried the test several more times. Unfortunately, you can’t complete just the IR section and get a score. You have to complete the entire test if you want scores.

After you finish the test, you can use the review screen, but beware, as soon as you exit, you will no longer have access to the questions that you answered. The software will save your scores for you though, so at least you don’t lose those.

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  4. Varun April 14, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    Hi.. When would the Manhattan CATs be updated to accomodate the integrated reasoning section? I’ll be writing the GMAT on 12th June. So I need to practice the mocks with the IR section included in. I want to know when should I buy the manhattan test series so that these would have the IR in them.

  5. GreginChicago April 8, 2012 at 11:46 am

    The website still offer 2.0 to download.
    Is there another link to download 2.1?