More Free Integrated Reasoning Workshops


Remember out immensely popular free Integrated Reasoning workshops from last month? Well, they’re back! Due to overwhelming student demand, we’ve added four more workshops, which you can now register for.

Sign up fast before they sell out!

Tuesday, May 8th (8:00 “ 10:00pm EST)
Instructor: Tommy Wallach

Saturday, May 19th (1:00 “ 3:00pm EST)
Instructor: Stephanie Moyerman

Monday, May 21st (8:00 “ 10:00pm EST)
Instructor: Whitney Garner

Saturday, June 2nd (1:00 “ 3:00pm EST)
Instructor: Stephanie Moyerman

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  10. Heather Carbary May 30, 2012 at 1:24 am


    I noticed the June 2nd workshop is currently unavailable. Will you be having more IR workshops?