Challenge Problem Showdown – December 3, 2012


challenge problem
We invite you to test your GMAT knowledge for a chance to win! Each week, we will post a new Challenge Problem for you to attempt. If you submit the correct answer, you will be entered into that week’s drawing for a free Manhattan GMAT Prep item. Tell your friends to get out their scrap paper and start solving!
Here is this week’s problem:

Operation F means take the square root, operation G means multiply by constant c, and operation H means take the reciprocal. For which value of c is the result of applying the three operations to any positive x the same for all of the possible orders in which the operations are applied?

GMAT Challenge Problem
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The weekly winner, drawn from among all the correct submissions, will receive One Year of Access to our Challenge Problem Archive, AND the GMAT Navigator, AND Our Six Computer Adaptive Tests ($92 value).

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