Friday Links: MBA Applications, Most Popular Job Functions by Industry and More!


GMAT NewsCatch up on your b-school news with some of this week’s top stories:

How Hard Do MBAs Work? (Poets & Quants)

Here’s an interesting statistical breakdown of the average workweek for MBAs around the world. Can you guess which continent logs the most hours?

B-School Chart of the Week: Most Popular Job Functions by Industry (mbaMission)

This interactive chart from mbaMission is helpful if you’re trying to decide which industry you want to enter and what kind of functional role you want to fulfill.

Get MBA Application Advice From the Trenches (U.S. News Education)

Past MBA applicants reflect on their own experiences and offer some helpful advice for prospective students.

Harvard Tops the 2013 MBA Rankings (Financial Times)

For the first time in eight years Harvard Business School pulled ahead of Stanford Graduate School of Business to top the Financial Times MBA Rankings.


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