Friday Links: Schools for E-Business, Tips for Productivity, and More!


GMAT NewsCatch up on some business school news and tips with a few of this week’s top stories:

MBA Rankings: Top Schools for E-Business (Bloomerberg Businessweek)

Bloomberg Businessweek asked current business school students to rank their program’s coverage of  Internet commerce.

MBA Pay Growth: U.S. Business Schools Lag Behind (Business Week)

Business Week shares some recent research, which reveals that MBA pay growth at business schools in the U.S. has lagged significantly behind increases in Europe and Asia.

Relax! You’ll Be More Productive! (The New York Times)

Struggling to concentrate on your studies? The NY Times reports on growing research that shows how naps, longer sleep hours, time away from the office, and more vacations actually boost productivity and performance.

The Best Business Schools For Networking, Dating, and Partying (Business Insider)

As Business Insider reminds us, sometimes who you know is just as important as what you know. Here are the results from a survey that tracked the top b-schools for networking and social interaction.

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