Friday Links: B-School Tuition, Board Members With MBAs, & More!



Catch up on some business school news and tips with a few of this week’s top stories:

Who’s Smarter? Law or Biz Students? (Poets & Quants)

Poets & Quants explores the provocative and tongue-in-check question of whether business students are smarter than law students or vice versa.

Business School Tuition: An Overview of Business School Tuition Costs ( Business School)

While the cost of business school is notoriously expensive, it is important to remember that there are many different ways to lower and pay your business school tuition.

Should Entrepreneurs Get an MBA? An Inside Perspective From an MBA Entrepreneur (Forbes)

An entrepreneur interested in startups shares how the majority of successful entrepreneurs and investors that she admires hold an MBA.

How I Got Into Harvard Business School In Round One (Business Insider)

Is Harvard Business School in your future? Check out this success story of how an econ major at a service academy scored an acceptance letter.

B-School Chart of the Week: How Many Board Members Boast MBAs? (mbaMission)

If you are interested in working for a large financial institution, like JPMorgan Chase or Goldman Sachs, you may also be interested in learning if any members on these Wall Street governing boards hold MBAs from top business schools.

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    Friday Links: B-School Tuition, Board Members With MBAs, & More!