Friday Links: Heading Back to Business School, Networking, and More!



GMAT NewsCatch up on some business school news and tips with a few of this week’s top stories:

Prepare For Business School Over the Summer (U.S. News Education)

Complete a self-assessment over at U.S. News to figure out which aspect of business is the best career fit for you.

Should You Head Back to Business School? (My Fox Philly)

Many young working professionals wonder whether or not it is worth going back to business school and getting their Master of Business Administration.

B-Schools Know How You Think, But How Do You Feel? (The Wall Street Journal)

Forget what you know, says The Wall Street Journal. Business schools increasingly want to know what you feel.

For MBA Students, an Alumni Network is a Valuable Resource (Graduate Guide)

Prospective MBA students may not realize it, but business school alumni networks can serve as very useful resources before, during and after their graduate studies.

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