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imentor fundraiser It’s been a very busy 2013 here at Manhattan Prep! We’ve already worked with over a dozen non-profit organizations this year, supporting their programming and initiatives through in-kind donations, discount programs, and much more. We love to find new ways to team up with these organizations, connecting with pre-MBAs from all over the country who are striving to make a difference.

Below are some highlights from our giving so far this year. We encourage you to check out these organizations to see what awesome things they’ve been up to!

NY Needs You fights for economic mobility for ambitious, low-income college students. We donated two free classes to them and couldn’t be happier with our incredible new students!

Everybody Wins! Is a leading nonprofit literacy and mentoring organization in NY. We donated a Complete Prep Set to their second annual bowling event, which raised over $40k!

Apex for Youth seeks to empower young people to be well-rounded, productive members of society by helping them build their self-confidence, explore academic and career goals, develop a sense of community and service, and gain leadership skills. We donated three free courses to them this year, which helped raise an incredible $540k at their Gala. We look forward to seeing our new Apex students in class!

The Bronx Preparatory Charter School prepares under-served middle and high school students for higher education, community involvement, and lifelong success. We donated to their annual spring benefit, which raised over $27k!

A Better Chance has been opening the door to educational opportunities for thousands of young people of color in this nation since 1963. We were delighted to donate a free course to help support their important work.

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity pro­vides supe­rior edu­ca­tional and career pro­grams to young peo­ple from under­served com­mu­ni­ties to max­i­mize their oppor­tu­ni­ties for col­lege and career success. We’re sure the complete course we donated will go to good use!

iMentor connects high school students in New York City in one-to-one relationships with caring adult mentors. On June 12, more than 300 friends of iMentor came together at The Bowrey Hotel to celebrate the accomplishments of the mentors and mentees this year. We donated a free course to their silent auction at the event, and are proud to report that iMentor raised a whopping $86k that evening!


We are always looking for great non-profit organizations to team up with. If you know of a worthy cause, tell us how to get involved at

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