Friday Links: Online MBA Programs, The MBA Resume, & More!


iStock_000012655127XSmallCatch up on some business school news and tips with a few of this week’s top stories:

Seek Online MBA Programs The Provide Travel Opportunities (U.S. News Education)

Traveling abroad can help online business students network and improve their resumes.

The Nuances of an MBA Resume (Poets & Quants)

In an application, a resume is more than a chronology of your academic and professional career.

How Getting an MBA can Help You Be a Better Entrepreneur (Upstart Business)

Whether an MBA is necessary to be an entrepreneur is the subject of lots of debate, but getting a master’s in business administration can be a huge help in getting your startup off the ground.

M.B.A. Admission Tip: Always Go for an Easy ‘A’ (The Wall Street Journal)

Business-school applicants with high undergraduate grade point averages are more likely to be admitted than those who performed slightly less well but did so amid tougher grading standards.

From a Dark Foundry to The Milanese Sunshine: Do An MBA, Says MIP Engineer (BusinessBecause)

Former technical manager of engineering giant Metec WA shares why all engineers who want to be recognized as good managers should get an MBA.

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