Free GMAT Events This Week: September 16 – September 22


Here are the free GMAT events we’re holding this week. All times are local unless otherwise specified.

9/16/13– Boston, MA – Free Trial Class- 6:30PM- 9:30PM

9/16/13– Dallas, TX- Free Trial Class– 6:30PM- 9:30PM

9/1613– Online- Choosing the Right B-School presented by mbaMission– 12:00PM- 1:30PM (EDT)

9/16/13–  Minneapolis, MN – Free Trial Class– 6:30PM- 9:30PM

9/16/13– Atlanta, GA – Free Trial Class– 6:30PM- 9:30PM

9/17/13– Madison, WI- Free Trial Class– 6:15PM- 9:15PM

9/17/13– Online- Free Trial Class- 8:00PM- 11:00PM (EDT)

9/17/13– Toronto, ON – Free Trial Class-  6:30PM- 9:30PM

9/18/13– Online- Live Online GMAT Preview– 8:00PM- 9:30PM

9/19/13–  Online- Free Trial Class– 8:00PM- 9:30PM (EDT)

9/21/13– Austin, TX- Free Trial Class- 1:00PM- 4:00PM

9/22/13– Boston, MA – Free Trial Class– 5:30PM- 8:30PM

9/22/13– Irvine, CA – Free Trial Class– 5:30PM- 8:30PM

9/22/13– Online- Free Trial Class-  2:00PM- 5:00PM (EDT)

Looking for more free events? Check out our Free Events Listings Page.

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