BREAKING NEWS: IR Scores To Be Included On Unofficial Score Reports


manhattan gmat integrated reasoningExciting news! GMAC (the owners of the GMAT) announced on Friday that, starting immediately, we’ll get our unofficial IR scores as soon as the test is over. They already do this for our Quant, Verbal, and Total scores, so IR will be added to the mix.

As with the other scores, the IR score will be considered an “unofficial” score until you receive your official score report. You can consider these test-day scores essentially official, though, as it’s incredibly rare for something to change after that day. The folks over at GMAC are professionals; they’re not going to release scores if there’s even a small chance that something could change, upsetting students who thought they had earned a different score.

So now you won’t have to wait to find out how you did on IR. (You’ll still wait for the essay score, of course, but that’s not quite so nerve-wracking, is it?)

Need to practice IR? Try our new free GMAT Interact lessons for Integrated Reasoning.

Happy studying and good luck on test day!

  1. Stacey Koprince October 16, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Nice! Glad to hear it!

  2. cs_5433 October 14, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    I sat the exam on Friday and was pleasantly surprised to see the IR score included on my unofficial results. I had needed to move my exam from Wednesday 9th due to a scheduling issue, but glad that it worked out that way!