Introducing: In-Person and Online Hybrid GMAT Course!


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - Introducing: In-Person and Online Hybrid GMAT Course! by Manhattan Prep

You’ve been wanting to study for the GMAT for a while, but it’s hard to find the motivation to get started. You know that if you sign up for a course, the personal engagement and structured homework will help you to stay on track.

The problem? It’s summer, and you want to travel and enjoy life! Signing up for an in-person class means that you’re committed to spending every weekend in the classroom. But you’re worried that an online class won’t feel personal enough, and that you won’t feel as engaged as you would in-person.

So, we’re trying something new at Manhattan Prep, just for people like you: a hybrid version of our 9-week GMAT course! 4 sessions will be offered in-person at our NYC office, and 5 sessions will be offered online.

The benefits:

  • the personal engagement & accountability of getting to know your instructor and your fellow students face-to-face
  • the flexibility of having 5 weeks in which you can tune into class from anywhere in the world—wherever you have internet connection!
  • all of the same world-class resources and expert instruction that you would have in any Manhattan Prep class

The schedule will look like this:

Sundays, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Session 1 – July 9 – NYC: Intro class & cupcakes
Session 2 – July 16 – Online
Session 3 – July 23 – Online
Session 4 – July 30 – NYC
Session 5 – Aug 6 – Online
Session 6 – Aug 13 – Online
Session 7 – Aug 20 – NYC
Session 8 – Aug 27 – Online
(skips Labor Day weekend Sep 3)
Session 9 – Sep 10 – NYC: Final class celebration!

If students like this combination of personalization and flexibility, we might bring it to other cities starting soon! Sign up now to save your spot—you can even try the first class out for free!

You can attend the first session of any of our online or in-person GMAT courses absolutely free! We’re not kidding. Check out our upcoming courses here.

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