Mission Admission: Use Your Judgment on MBA Application Essay Details


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - Mission Admission: Use Your Judgment on MBA Application Essay Details by mbaMission

Mission Admission is a series of MBA admissions tips from our exclusive admissions consulting partner, mbaMission.

“Should I use Calibri or Times New Roman font for my essays?”

“Should I list my GPA to the third or fourth decimal place?”

“I don’t have enough space to enter my full title, so should I write ‘Vice President’ or ‘VP Sales’?”

As candidates approach the MBA application essay season, small questions start to arise—questions that often require using judgment to answer. We can safely say that no one was ever kept out of Harvard Business School for listing his/her GPA to the third decimal point or for abbreviating a title. Remember, the admissions officers are not punitive. They are not mean-spirited people, reading your application and searching for reasons to reject you. So, if you have a small lingering question about your application, you can connect with the Admissions Office and ask someone there. Most often, they will ask you to use your judgment. As long as your broad story is compelling, the smallest details should take care of themselves.

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