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This September, we’ll be on the road with the QS MBA Tour! Together with dozens of business schools, we’ll be giving advice and providing you with all the info you’ll need on your MBA journey. The following post will give you more insight into the MBA Tour; we hope to see you in Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco!

The QS MBA Tour winds throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, providing thousands of future MBAs with the chance to learn more about and network with their target business schools. The MBA Tour is a way for us at Manhattan Prep to meet prospective GMAT and GRE students looking to take the test(s) and get into b-school, and it’s a way for you to ask us anything about the GMAT, GRE, and our offerings while connecting with schools you’re interested in. Everybody wins!

Over 100 domestic and international business schools will be attending the QS MBA Tour. This is your opportunity to chat face-to-face with admissions directors and alumni from schools like Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Stanford, Kellogg, NYU Stern, INSEAD, LBS, CEIBS, UCLA Anderson, and so many more. Each stop on the tour will showcase all types of MBA programs, whether local (hi there, Georgetown in DC and Stanford in LA!) or abroad (bonjour, HEC Paris!). If you’re considering an international MBA, you should take advantage of this chance to converse with a school you may not be able to visit ahead of applying.

We know you have a ton of questions. At events like these, we get asked everything from “How can I get better at Sentence Correction on the GRE?” to “What is the GRE?” You can bring all your higher education questions to the MBA Tour—there will absolutely be someone there who can answer them. If you’re curious about, say, the differences between full-time, part-time, and Executive MBAs, you’re in the right place! Whether you need help from test prep professionals (yep, that’s us) or b-school admissions directors, this is the place to ask about the GMAT, GRE, b-school in general, and specific MBA programs around the world.

We’re not the only ones who can help you improve your test scores—GMAC (the makers of the official GMAT exam) will be on hand to give free seminars and presentations. These tests can seem intimidating, but the more you know about them, the easier they are to take on, so we’d encourage you to attend a test-specific presentation if you have the time.

Other presentations and panels cover topics like study abroad, admissions, diversity in the MBA classroom, entrepreneurship, innovation, and tech. You’ll be able to attend various Q&A sessions with international MBA admissions reps and presentations by many different b-schools, from Harvard to INSEAD. If you attend the NYC tour date, you may want to check out the Inspirational Women in Leadership Forum, which includes panel debates and informal round-table discussions with a range of business schools and industry experts.

Most importantly, you’ll get to network with schools and organizations that could be a big part of your future, and the MBA Tour does not disappoint with its offerings in that realm. You’ll be able to make a great first impression on the admissions directors of your favorite schools while also receiving expert guidance from industry pros. Looking for personalized advice on your b-school app? Guidance on what to do after your MBA? Yep, you guessed it—the MBA Tour is the place for you. We’d urge you to take it a step further and attend the (free!) QS Connect MBA event, happening on certain tour dates, which pre-matches you to participating schools and lets you book 30-minute, 1-on-1 meetings with admissions directors from the world’s top MBA programs. This will be insanely helpful to you, so grab the opportunity while you can. We’re so excited that we’re about to pull an Oprah and scream, “And you get an MBA! And YOU get an MBA!”

Now we can get to what you’ve really been waiting for: free stuff. First of all, as an attendee, you’ll be eligible to apply for a pool of MBA scholarships worth $7 million. $7 million! But you should seriously pre-register for the event, since pre-registered candidates will receive a document that showcases the event’s offers with info on how to register for them. Attendees will have the chance to win: a personal 1-on-1 session with a GMAT prep tutor at the event, a live GMAT or GRE class, an MBA consultation session, and other amazing freebies and discounts.

That’s not all… we’re happy to announce that we’ll be raffling off one FREE Manhattan Prep GMAT or GRE Complete Course (up to $1599 in value) during the tour. In addition to that, every single tour attendee will receive an exclusive $150 discount on any of our Complete Courses, as long as you register with us! So come say hi, enter to win a course, and get your Manhattan Prep discount right there on the spot.

Whether you’re just starting your MBA journey or are already well on your way, there’s something for you at the QS MBA Tour. Whatever your education, resume, or life experience consists of, you’ll absolutely learn new things and hopefully get exactly what you need to take your next step forward toward an MBA. We can’t wait to meet you!

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