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UCLA Anderson MBA Application Insider: Why Pursue an MBA Degree?


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - UCLA Anderson MBA Application Insider: Why Pursue an MBA Degree? by UCLA Anderson

Manhattan Prep and UCLA Anderson will be co-hosting upcoming MBA information events. We hope you’ll sign up to learn about the Anderson MBA program’s admissions process, student life, career options, and curriculum, directly from their admissions staff and esteemed alumni:

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London Business School Answers: “Why Get an MBA Abroad?”


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - London Business School Answers:

London Business School will be hosting MBA information sessions with Manhattan Prep across different locations in the US during the upcoming months. We look forward to connecting with prospective students to answer any questions you have about pursuing your MBA outside of the US. As you start your research, you may be asking yourself how an MBA abroad is different from a domestic MBA. The information below should offer introductory insight into the unique benefits of London Business School as a global MBA programme. We look forward to continuing this conversation when we meet!

This article was written by Stephanie Thrane, London Business School’s Senior Manager of MBA Recruitment and Admissions.

One of the first things MBA candidates should ask themselves when considering business school in general is: “Where am I now? Where and who do I want to be? And what do I need to get there?” Read more

Cracking the GMAT: How to Get a 720+ Score


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - Cracking the GMAT: How to Get a 720+ Score by Natasha Malpani

Natasha Malpani is a Stanford MBA student who scored over 720 on the GMAT using Manhattan Prep’s online course and materials. The views expressed in this piece are her own and do not necessarily reflect our official advice on the test.

I took the GMAT after studying for 10 weeks with Manhattan Prep. At the time, I had two deals closing at work and was pulling together the other critical parts of my b-school application in London, while simultaneously preparing for an upcoming wedding in India. Application deadlines were looming: I knew I wouldn’t get a second shot. I was struggling to stay calm and focus. Read more

What is Reaching Out MBA?


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - What is Reaching Out MBA? by Reaching Out MBA

Every so often, we ask some of our partners and friends to discuss their programs, goals, missions, and news with us. This week, get familiar with Reaching Out MBA.

Reaching Out MBA is the global association for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, and Queer (LGBTQ) MBAs with a mission to create the next generation of out business leaders. Focusing on educating, inspiring, and connecting LGBTQ students and alumni in both MBA and graduate communities, Reaching Out MBA serves its audience from the start of their journey well into their professional careers. In addition to the programming below, Reaching Out MBA continues to provide support for its network to keep them prepared for the ever-changing world of business. If you’d like to learn more, please visit us here.

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