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Why an MBA?


We’re lucky here at Manhattan GMAT to be part of a thriving community of people who are headed toward business school – our website gets tens of thousands of visits each month. So we decided to try and get some insight as to what our students were thinking in terms of their professional aspirations and motivations for applying to MBA programs.

We conducted a survey, which students responded to in order to procrastinate, contribute to collective human knowledge, or win the gift certificate we gave away to one lucky winner (Congrats to you!). After we compiled hundreds of responses, we put together a press release with the results. Some of the findings were a bit surprising, in that most of our respondents were secure in their jobs and not, for example, pursuing an MBA because of some job dislocation. Others were in keeping with you what you read in the press (fewer aspiring bankers and consultants than in years past). We’ll let you read for yourself if you’re curious.