Friday Links: Harvard Business School, MBA For Entrepreneurship, & More!


Catch up on some business school news and tips with a few of this week’s top stories:

Here’s Why Applying To Harvard Business School Has Never Been Easier (Forbes)

Rather, it’s never been more straightforward – for you and close to 10,000 other applicants who are likely to apply this year for one of 940 or so places in the Class of 2016.

Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Then Get Your MBA (Really) (The Globe and Mail)

For those hoping to break into entrepreneurship, business school is an amazing path to do so because of its inherent opportunities.

10 Least Expensive Private Business Schools (U.S. News Education)

These private b-schools keep tuition and fees under $40,000 a year.

At Harvard Business School, Lessons in Leadership from Literature (Bloomberg Businessweek)

For the last 12 years, HBS students, who take a class on literature and leadership, have been scanning the pages of books for lessons to help them tackle business’s most challenging dilemmas.

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