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Overcoming GMAT Burnout


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - Overcoming GMAT Burnout by Chelsey Cooley

When you think about studying for the GMAT, how do you feel? Determined, excited, and curious? Or anxious, exhausted, and resentful? Do you avoid studying, then beat yourself up over it later? Are you getting less and less out of each study session? Are your practice test scores in a downwards spiral? You might be struggling with GMAT burnout. Read more

How to Handle GMAT Stress Without Freaking Out


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - How to Handle GMAT Stress Without Freaking Out by Elaine Loh

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Have you spent months studying for the GMAT? Taken a class? Done private tutoring? Do you have an error log? Do you have a strict study schedule? Have you done everything absolutely right and the looming test is still FREAKING YOU OUT?!?! Read more

E-mail of the Day II


Another fantastic account from a student who went from a 570 to a 720. Hats off to Dan Patinkin for his tremendous work!

I am so proud of myself, but more just relieved – I knew I was capable but after struggling for 2 years, I was beginning to doubt myself.

I don’t know if you are familiar with my story, but I have ADHD and severe test anxiety. I had started studying for the GMAT in September of 2007 and had been through two different courses, all of the MBA guide books and 2 poorly attempted official tests before I got to Dan. I had called Manhattan GMAT as a last resort – mainly because my parents were convinced I had to try “everything” before I gave up. I expected nothing because no matter how much I had known in the past – my test score never showed it.

I want you to know how unbelievable Dan was in helping me execute what had been stuck inside my head for 2 whole years. The Manhattan Gmat tests and questions adequately prepared me and I have never had a more positive experience with a tutoring company or with any tutor period – and I am speaking from 15 years of tutors. When I called your New York office – everyone was receptive and listened to my situation and was able to actually help me.

I cannot thank you enough for your companies services and how much they helped me reach my full potential. It is going to change my life.