Challenge Problem Showdown

Manhattan GMAT invites you to test your GMAT knowledge for a chance to win!

Each month, we will post a new Challenge Problem for you to attempt. If you submit the correct answer, you will be entered into that month’s drawing for a free Manhattan GMAT Prep item. Tell your friends to get out their scrap paper and start solving!

Note We email the winner directly every month, and provided we then receive consent from the winner we post his or her name on our Facebook Fan Page .

Good luck! These are tough problems!

This Month's Problem: "Wesley and the Escalator"

An escalator moves downward from street level to a subway platform at a constant rate. When the escalator is turned off, Wesley takes 70 steps to descend from street level to the platform. When the escalator is turned on, Wesley needs only 36 steps to descend from street level to the platform. If Wesley begins at the platform and walks upward, against the escalator’s downward movement, how many steps will he need to take to reach street level? (Assume that Wesley walks at a constant rate in all scenarios.)

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