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Forums Announcement

by sedla Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:49 am

In order to keep our forums running smoothly and responsively, we have decided to limit posting access to certain groups of users. All users will continue to have the ability to search and read posts on the forums. However, certain users will no longer have the ability to post an unlimited number of questions or comments to the forums. Below is an outline of the different groups of users and the rules for each.

Free account holders*: Free account holders will have read-only access to the Manhattan Prep GMAT forums.

Book or resource purchasers, Course students*: Book or resource purchasers and course students will continue to have unlimited ability to post to these forums.

*See below for a definition of each group:
Free account holders: Users who have not made a purchase from Manhattan Prep’s GMAT program.
Book or resource purchasers: Users who have purchased an online resource or book through Manhattan Prep’s GMAT store or who have registered a book through our site.
Course students: Users who have purchased a complete course, tutoring, or complete GMAT Interact program.