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Should I reschedule the date?Or is it possible to get a 700?

by chetanmohanty Wed May 16, 2012 1:18 am

I am really tensed.I mean i need 700+ for my target schools and in the practice tests i am stuck at 650.Should i reschedule or should i go ahead with the test?My test is on 25th May

These are my scores in this week

MGMAT1 - 640 (Q47,V31)
MGMAT2 - 640 (Q41,V37)
GMAT PREP2.0 - 650 (Q49,V31)

I though i have improved,but the results are so disappointing.I am getting so emotionally attached to some problems and that is causing all these troubles.Please guide me.Need replies soon.test is only 10 days away (So still have a chance to reschedule)

I mean i worked so hard for the past 3 months and these results are making me so disappointed.
I gave the 1st GMAT diagnostic and scored 550
Then 1 month back i gave MGMAT1 and scored the 640.So i thought i could really improve after 1 month.But when i started giving the exams since last 3 days,these are the pathetic results.
May be i should have started taking these practice tests before to gauge,where i stand.
May be its too late.Only rescheduling is the way i see to reach my target of 700+.
What i have read across the internet portals/forums that the push from 650 to 700 is very difficult.Please guide me to achieve my goals.

Also if i reschedule the test,i need to attend the IR section. I am so unprepared for that. I feel like i am in the crisis of my life.
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Re: Should I reschedule the date?Or is it possible to get a 700?

by StaceyKoprince Fri May 18, 2012 10:34 am

50 points in a week = unlikely to happen - most people would need more time. So, yes, if I were you, I'd postpone.

Why did your math score drop so much and your verbal score go up so much on the middle test? That kind of fluctuation often indicates timing problems. If so, you've got to fix those, or you're at risk of a big score drop on test day (because, when you have timing problems, you can never know when both scores will fluctuate down at the same time!).

Read these: ... to-win-it/ ... anagement/

Also, you mentioned that your score has been stagnating for about a month. That's also a sign that you likely have timing problems. See below.

Next, you have taken 3 practice exams in 3 days. Stop. :) All you're doing is getting the same data and wasting practice tests. Use the below article to analyze your most recent MGMAT results: ... ice-tests/

Then come back here and share that analysis with us. (Note: share your actual analysis, not just the raw data. We want to know what you think it means.)

You're right that the higher you go, the harder it gets to go even higher. Analyze your situation using the various articles above and then share your analysis with us; we'll help you figure out what to do!
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