Links Roundup: Applications, Negotiating Grad School Pitfalls, Blogging, and More


Check out some of these great articles that we have gathered from the month of June!

I Have a Low GPA: Should I Apply to Grad School? (About’s Grad School Guide)
About’s Grad School Guide considers all of elements of the graduate school application and answers the tough question of whether to apply to competitive schools with a low GPA.

Negotiate 7 Graduate School Pitfalls (U.S. News Education)
Read up on how to respond to unwelcomed grad school situations such as having a difficult professor, less-than-ideal student service, cheating classmates, and unfair grades.

How Writing A Science Blog Saved my PhD (Next Scientist)
A young scientist shares his grad school experiences and explains how blogging helped him to not give up on his PhD.

To Stay on Schedule, Take a Break (The New York Times)
Are you spending hours and hours at a time prepping for the GRE? The New York Times shares why breaks are necessary to recharge your internal resources.

Why the Admission Essay Shouldn’t Drive You Insane (Grad Share)
This post from Grad Share offers some great information about graduate school admission essays as well as tips for how to make your essay standout.

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