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AdmitSee: The Power of Near-Peer Mentors in the Higher Ed Application Process


The following article comes from our friends at AdmitSee. We’ve invited them to share their insight about peer mentors in the grad school application process.

AS1As you begin the grad school application process, you will have plenty of opinions at your disposal.  From your parents, to your current educational institution, to grad schools themselves–you may be bombarded with conflicting opinions on where you should apply. Add to that the plethora of free (and sometimes unreliable) information on the web, often written by anonymous sources, and you’re likely no clearer than when you started!

If you’re fortunate enough to have an older sibling with a tight group of friends who’ve taken career paths that interest you, you’re in luck! Spend lots of time talking with these folks about how and why they picked their grad schools, what they like and don’t like about their programs, and what they wish they knew when they were considering their options.

But, if you’re like most applicants, you need to seek out your own mentors.

Often, people with similar interests who are just a year or two ahead of you will be your most effective mentors. There are many reasons for this, but, to start, you will have an easier time connecting with your near-peers than with someone who’s 20 years older than you. You’ll find more common connections and more shared experiences to bond over. A strong personal connection is the foundation for a great mentor-mentee relationship.
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GRE, GMAT, and LSAT Instructor Auditions: Decision In A Day



For the first time ever, Manhattan Prep is holding a one-day audition for new GMAT, GRE, and LSAT instructors! Come join us December 14, 2014 at 9:00 AM and transform your passion for teaching into a lucrative and fulfilling part-time or full-time career.

Manhattan Prep offers instructors flexible hours and great pay ($100/hour for all teaching and tutoring). In addition to teaching classes, instructors can work on other projects such as curriculum development.

Our regular instructor audition process, which includes a series of phone, video, and in-person mock lessons, usually takes weeks, even months, to complete. However, we are offering a one-day event on December 14th for teachers interested in working with us. Candidates who attend will receive a decision that day.

The event will take place at our company headquarters at 138 West 25th St., 7th Floor, in Manhattan, New York City at 9:00 AM EST.  It is open to candidates who live in the tri-state area, who have teaching experience, and who are GMAT, LSAT, or GRE experts.

The day will include several rounds of lessons, as well as other activities. Each round will be pass/ fail. The day will begin at 9 AM and may last as late as 4:30 PM for those who make it to the final round. Candidates will need to prepare lessons for some rounds; we will send a more detailed instruction packet to those who sign up for the event.

To register, please email Rina at Make sure to include in your full name, an attachment of your resume detailing your teaching experience, and an official GRE, GMAT, or LSAT score report. We look forward to meeting you on December 14th!

Friday Links: Online Graduate Classes, Productivity Tools, & More!


iStock_000012778309XSmallHappy Friday and happy Fourth of July Weekend! Here’s our weekly roundup of grad school news and tips:

Leverage International Roots for U.S. Grad School Applications (U.S. News Education)

Emphasizing cultural differences is a natural way prospective international graduate students can craft unique applications.

What is an Online Graduate Class Like? ( Graduate School)

Online classes hold some similarities with traditional on-ground courses, but there are also many differences.

6 Important Things Nobody Tells You About Grad School (Cracked)

If you’re considering or already in postgrad work, take some helpful advice from someone who already has two and a half postgraduate degrees under his belt.

Policing Your Productivity: 7 Tools to Help You Focus (Entrepreneur)

Are you easily distracted by social media and entertainment sites? Keep your focus, especially when it’s time to study, with these helpful programs.

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Friday Links: Student Loan Debt, Summer GRE Reading, and More!


iStock_000012409034XSmallHappy Friday and happy summer! Get a jump start on your summer reading with a few of this week’s top grad school articles:

When Grad School Does and Doesn’t Make Sense (USA Today College)

Here are 10 circumstances when grad school may make sense and 10 when it might not.

How to Choose the Right Graduate Program? Consider Your Personal Life ( Grad School)

Sometimes you have to look beyond academics to choose the right graduate school program for you.

5 Tips for Applying to Graduate Programs in Clinical or Counseling Psychology ( Graduate School)

Be on your game to improve your odds of admission to graduate programs in psychology with these five helpful tips.

How to Tackle Student Loan Debt as Quickly as Possible (USA Today College)

Here are some wise steps to pay off your student debt as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Read Your Way to a Higher Score: Summer Reading Recommendations from our GRE Instructors (Manhattan GRE Blog)

To celebrate the first day of summer, we’re bringing back a post from the archives. Check out our list of summer reading recommendations!

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Friday Links: Grad School in the Humanities, Choosing the Right Grad Program, & More!


Take a time out to catch up with this week's grad school news!

Here’s a roundup of our favorite GRE links from the week. Enjoy the weekend!

Don’t Be Afraid of Going to Graduate School in the Humanities (Pacific Standard)

Full-time, tenure-track professorships in the humanities are famously scarce. But that’s not a reason to avoid an advanced degree.

3 Concerns of International Grad School Applicants (U.S. News Education)

Here are some answers to common application questions from prospective international graduate students.

How to Choose the Right Graduate Program? Consider Your Personal Life ( Graduate School)

Sometimes you have to look beyond academics to choose the right graduate program for you.

3 Key Ways College, Graduate School Differ (U.S. News Education)

Grad School isn’t a continuation of college. Be prepared for larger workloads and more responsibility.

Graduate Degrees with Strong Career Prospects (Graduate Guide)

Here are some of the best fields to consider in graduate school when it comes to the current job market.


Friday Links: Summer Internships, Research Experience, & More!


news and glassesHappy Friday! It’s time to take a break from GRE prep to catch up on some of the top grad school tips and news links from the week:

8 Steps for Making the Most of Your Summer Internship (Brazen Life)

It’s almost summertime! Here are some great tips to help you maximize your summer internship experience.

Yes, Guys, Graduate School in the Humanities is Still a Worthwhile Investment (Policymic)

Graduate school, especially in the humanities, has been receiving very bad press for a long time, but 2013 has already produced a bumper crop of essays about the Ph.D. process.

Get Research Experience for Graduate Admissions ( Graduate School)

Graduate programs, especially PhD programs, highly value research experience. Without it, it’s unlikely that you’ll gain admission, regardless of your GPA.

Grad School May Not be for Everyone (Daily Sundial)

A current student argues that grad school is a good idea, but only if you’re 100 percent ready for the challenges that await.

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Friday Links: Grad School and the Sequester, Grad School Advising, & More


its-friday2Catch up on some of the top grad school tips and news links from the week. Happy Friday and happy reading!

What Graduate Students Should Know About the Sequester (U.S. News Education)

According to U.S. News, admissions criteria will change at some schools due to the sequestration. Find out why it could lead to a decrease in the number of students admitted.

What to Do When You are Accepted to Grad School (

Congrats to you if you’ve recently opened a graduate school acceptance letter! Now it’s time for some practical advice about what to do next.

Making the Most of Graduate School Advising (U.S. News Education)

This week U.S. News started a series addressing the questions that admitted graduate students often ask as well as information on how the academic advising process works.

You Can Be Busy or Remarkable”But Not Both (Study Hacks)

Here’s a great post that explains the profound difference between being busy and being remarkable. We think you’ll be ready for some down time after this read.

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Friday Links: Paying for Grad School, Dual Degrees, School Rankings and More!


LSAT News1Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of some great grad school tips and news links from the week:

Maximize Graduate School With a Dual Degree (U.S. News Education)

U.S. News details the difference between dual, joint, and interdisciplinary degrees and explains why these options may not be as expensive as you think.

The Best Graduate Schools for 2014: US News Releases the Rankings (Examiner)

U.S. News & World Report’s 2014 edition of the Best Graduate Schools was released online this past week. Here is the scoop on this year’s rankings.

Use These 5 Strategies to Pay for Graduate School (U.S. News Education)

According to U.S. News, one survey reported that almost 60 percent of employers offer some form of tuition assistance for grad students. Continue reading for five helpful strategies to consider when it comes to graduate school funding.
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