Manhattan Prep lives and breathes one simple philosophy: exceptional teaching is the key to student success. Our instructors are unparalleled in the industry�they are trained for over 100 hours and are among the highest-scoring GRE and GMAT test-takers in the world. Much more than just tips and tricks, our comprehensive curricular approach focuses on the actual academic content needed to master the exam.

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Specifically designed for the revised GRE, Manhattan Prep�s Section Adaptive Exams reflect the most up-to-date GRE content, and have been finely tuned by Manhattan Prep's expert instructors to ensure an experience similar to the real exam. This exam is calibrated to mimic the behavior of the section adaptive format of the GRE, providing you with the most realistic test-taking experience possible. Once you finish your exam, you can review every problem on the test. You'll be able to read detailed answer explanations, analyze what question types gave you the most trouble, and determine which questions you spent the most time on.

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Manhattan Prep's GRE Vocabulary Flash Cards will help you master 1000 words that you need to know for test day. These cards provide far more than definitions � the backs of all cards contain a word �network� designed to help the student develop a lasting understanding of the word in a GRE-relevant context. We are providing full access to both our Essential and Advanced Flash Card sets to MPH@GW applicants free of charge.

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