Alex Connolly

San Francisco, CA


  • Stanford University

Alex Connolly has a philosophy degree from Stanford University and several years of experience teaching and tutoring. He scored in the 99th percentile on the GRE and has been working in test prep since 2013.

Alex got his first teaching experience abroad, teaching English to students in Ethiopia and Colombia. When he came back to the States, he decided to take the GRE, thinking he’d apply to grad school someday and needing something to do while living at home and disappointing his parents. This decision turned out to be fortuitous: he got obsessed with studying for the GRE, and he’s been putting food on the table as a GRE tutor ever since.

What Alex enjoys most about teaching is seeing students improve. The GRE is a difficult test and can definitely be frustrating. But it’s also a test on which you can make huge gains through hard work: by learning hundreds of obscure vocab words and rediscovering the joys of high school algebra and geometry.

When he’s not teaching, Alex works as a paralegal/tenant advocate at a nonprofit legal organization in San Francisco. He loves what he does, and not just because he has Mondays off. Alex might eventually go to law school, so he’s happy to get to work with passionate attorneys who are making a real difference in society and don’t appear to hate their lives.

When he’s not working or teaching, Alex enjoys movies and comedy and acquiring books that he ends up not having time to read. His favorite Beatles song is probably “In My Life,” and his favorite GRE word is abecedarian.