Ben Taylor

Washington, DC


  • William and Mary
  • William and Mary (JD)

Ben Taylor has an undergraduate and law degree from William and Mary. He has scored a 179 on the LSAT, a 780 on the GMAT, and a 169Q/170V on the GRE.

After Ben graduated from college with a degree in government, he headed south to Daytona Beach, Florida and attended the Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires. Like most of his classmates, he was not selected for a job in professional baseball. So, he headed back to Williamsburg, Virginia and spent the next three years in law school. He is an active member of the Virginia State Bar.

Ben has held a plethora of different jobs over the years as he has meandered in and out of the legal field. He has been a tour guide at the United States Capitol building, defended clients in Virginia state courts, worked at the Virginia General Assembly, and even traveled the country with the San Diego Chicken (one of the great entrepreneurs of the modern sports era)!

He has also been privileged to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve, including deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Djibouti. The most rewarding part of Ben’s Army career was his work as a legal assistance attorney for his fellow soldiers during his time in Afghanistan.

Ben discovered a ‘sweet spot’ that utilized his unusual combination of skills and experiences when he began teaching individuals who were preparing for standardized tests. The classroom experience is energizing for Ben, and he strives to make it a highlight for his students as well.

What students are saying

“Ben is an amazing instructor, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He really prepared me mentally (and somehow emotionally) for the test. I feel really lucky to have had him as an instructor, and feel so much better about the GRE because of him.”

What students are saying

“I was very pleased with the fantastic quality and great capabilities of Ben Taylor. He is incredibly smart and was able to deliver a well-structured class. The number of students in the class is also the reason why I joined.”

What students are saying

“Ben is very smart, capable, kind, and an excellent teacher. He knows the material extremely well and allows for everyone to participate equally. He is also very responsive after hours, and gave me very good advice on scheduling and taking my test.”