Ceilidh Erickson

New York, NY


  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University (Ed.M)

Ceilidh is a GMAT and GRE instructor, and is currently a master’s candidate in the Mind, Brain, and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has worked at Manhattan Prep since 2011, and has helped over 2000 students prepare for their exams. She also works in curriculum development and writes numerous blog articles.

Before Manhattan Prep, Ceilidh studied comparative literature and creative writing at Princeton. She has worked with various nonprofits, notably New Jersey SEEDS, helping low-income children gain acceptance to academically rigorous college preparatory high schools. She has also worked at a hedge fund, for an art dealer, as a political organizer, and several other jobs that would make for a fun “what-am-I-doing-with-my-life?” montage at the beginning of a cheesy rom-com.

Ceilidh is interested in all things related to learning: neuroscience, psychology, epistemology, linguistics, design thinking, etc. She co-founded the Manhattan Prep Book Club and the (short-lived) Beyonce Dance Club, and has been on the company trivia team for 4 years. She is a karaoke enthusiast (some would say ‘lunatic’), and she once auditioned for American Idol on a dare. It should be noted that she gets way too competitive about Boggle and other word games.

What students are saying

“Ceilidh is a fantastic instructor.”

What students are saying

“She is very attentive to students and knows exactly when questions or concepts are not understood.”

What students are saying

“Ceilidh's enthusiasm is infectious and helps students get jazzed about the material they are learning.”