Charmayne Staloff

Charlottesville, VA


EDUCATION University of Mary Washington
University of North Texas, NYU (JD)

Charmayne took the LSAT in 2010 to get into law school, but the romance didn’t end there. Having tutored and taught other subjects for years, she was excited to bring her love of teaching and the LSAT together, and joined Manhattan Prep in 2011. Charmayne has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Mary Washington and a J.D. from NYU School of Law. She is passionate about teaching and really enjoys helping her students learn to tackle — and even love — the LSAT.

What students are saying

“Extremely approachable. Knows the material, keeps class interesting and is overall a great teacher.”

What students are saying

“Charmayne was fantastic. She made class very enjoyable and the content simple to understand.”

What students are saying

“Engaging teacher, prioritizes given the strengths/weaknesses of the class, and is incredibly knowledgable.”