Chris Peckover

Los Angeles, CA


  • Yale University
  • USC (MFA)

A Montreal-born, Dallas-raised, Los Angeles-based gentleman and scholar, Chris worked an eclectic combination of jobs after graduating from Yale and USC Film School, including bartending, babysitting for the Schwarzeneggers, teaching a class on Hollywood Negotiating at USC, working at Google, and directing a movie that one critic described as “highly entertaining, shocking, directed with style and intensity” and one Twitter user described as “a waste of time.”

Having sat through his fair share of monotonous classes, Chris feels for you. That’s why he works hard to make the learning experience as enjoyable as it is educational, employing an arsenal of humor and positivity in his classroom. In his years as an instructor, he has grown to appreciate the art of providing simple explanations that “stick.” He cares deeply about helping his students improve their performance, and feels no greater happiness than when his students overcome their stumbling blocks. Ultimately, he strives for every class to be highly entertaining, shocking, taught with style and intensity, and not—well—the other one.

What students are saying

“Amazing teacher! Would recommend to anyone! Makes sure every single person in class has a true understanding of the concept he is teaching.”

What students are saying

“He had thorough knowledge of the material, could convey information in a way that was easy to understand, and was fun to be around.”

What students are saying

“He makes sure that everyone in the class participates and understands the material without putting you on the spot.”