David Chong

San Francisco, CA


  • UC Berkeley

Since graduating from UC Berkeley in 2008 with honors and election to Phi Beta Kappa, David has focused his passion for education exclusively on test preparation. He has scored a 780 on the GMAT and a perfect 170Q/170V on the GRE.

Growing up in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley, David first realized that he had a knack for standardized tests in the 7th grade, when he received an unexpected award for his score on the SAT. Despite his academic potential, David was hounded by a nagging boredom, prompting him to leave high school at 16 and join the United States Army the following year. He eventually found himself doing reconstruction and development work in Iraq.

Always practical and hoping to build upon the time he spent in the military, David devoted himself to the most lucrative and in-demand field of study that he could find: 19th- and 20th-century German philosophy. He graduated with honors from UC Berkeley, and still considers the SF Bay Area his second home.

David’s experience as a teacher began in college, when he volunteered to tutor low-income high school students. After graduating, he worked for a few years with a small SAT tutoring outfit based in Oakland, honing his teaching skills before linking up with Manhattan Prep. Though his 780 GMAT and 170Q/170V GRE scores make grad school a tempting proposition, David gets a real kick out of teaching and is thrilled with the excitement and flexibility that his work with Manhattan Prep affords him. These days, David spends his free time traveling, contemplating innovations in education, and pursuing all manner of pet projects.

What students are saying

“David is incredibly brilliant and engaging. It’s been a real pleasure being in David’s class.”

What students are saying

“David’s love of teaching comes through in the course. He is an especially excellent math teacher.”

What students are saying

“David knows the content inside and out, was able to answer on-the-fly questions and provide specific examples.”