Devin Powell

New York, NY


  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins (grad)

Born and raised in Atlanta, Devin studied biochemistry at Harvard, tried to find a cure for Alzheimer’s at Columbia, and then took the GRE to pursue a degree in journalism at Johns Hopkins. By day he’s a science reporter in New York. At night he teaches for Manhattan Prep. Both jobs have honed his ability to make seemingly complicated material easy to understand.

Devin has been teaching and tutoring for more than a decade. He has led classes for nonprofits and test prep companies and has extensive experience working one-on-one with college students and young professionals. He also spent a year as a high school teacher in an inner-city Boston high school, followed by a year teaching freshman writing at a university.

Outside of the classroom and lab, Devin can demonstrate some sweet moves on the dance floor. He also plays the piano while singing ridiculously low, pits his chess skills against street hustlers, and likes few things as much as a long motorcycle ride across a beautiful landscape (e.g., California’s Highway One and South Dakota’s Badlands).

What students are saying

“Devin is a great communicator, patient with students, and excellent at breaking down complex concepts.”

What students are saying

“Devin is great at engaging every member of the class. He thoughtfully walks through each step of a problem so everyone knows multiple ways to solve it.”

What students are saying

“Devin reinforces what we learn in the homework and then drills into the trickier strategies and subject matter.”